“Fortnite” Makes Video Game History

The “free-to-play” videogame “Fortnite” made $2.4 billion last year, which is the most annual revenue of any game in history.  Games like “Fortnite” are called “free-to-play”, but that’s just a tiny bit deceptive. Because...

This Day In Country Music History

January 16th 1993, Johnny Cash made his first guest appearance in the series Dr Quinn Medicine Woman, an hour long Western family adventure series produced by CBS Entertainment Productions. (ThisDayInCountryMusic.Com)

This Week’s Hump Day Hero

Congrats to James Sayre of Chestnut Street Auto Service in South Charleston! He was this week’s#HumpDayHero! Free #BarnYardBBQ for all!   Another Hump Day Hero – Heather with the DNR is South Charleston. Congrats to Bobby...