WQBE’s Gospel Jubilee

Thanks for your prayers!
This is Phillip Secrist. You have been praying for Phillip and his family for months. Sometimes it’s good to see who we are praying for!
(read the Secrist story here- PLEASE READ)

A dad and his kids. Hanna and Landon (under the chair doing repairs)


      Everyone is invited to join us at the outside Community Service at the Tyler Mountain Memory Gardens & Funeral Home, Christus Garden area, on EASTER  SUNDAY,  APRIL 16, 2017 AT 6:30AM. 

     Rev. Ron Thaxton with the Church in the City will be giving the message of  “Why are We here”  with scripture from Romans 1:4   

     Other ministers participating include:  Rev. J. F. Lacaria,  Rev Bill Huddleston, Rev. Jack Maxwell,  Rev. Jarrold  Lanham,  Rev. Gary Nelson & Rev. Jeff Nichols.    


    Tracie Atkinson will be singing “Alive”
Duane West  will be singing  “Glorious Day”
                                                               The congregation will be singing Hymns: Jesus Christ Is Risen Today!

     This SPECIAL COMMUNITY SONRISE SERVICE has been held since the 1960’s  We gather whether it rains, snows or a clear morning. When the sun comes up during the service, it is one of the most blessed experiences in celebrating Jesus’ resurrection at this special time of year.
If it rains or snows we will move to the Funeral Home carport for the service.
We would like to invite all Pastors, churches & anyone that would like to attend this community service.
To participate in the future or for information call Brad Morgan 776-2305.