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7/24/14 Britney's Lingerie Line

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Thursday, July 24, 2014


JUSTIN BIEBER was spotted in a wheelchair at Disneyland, leading people to accuse him of just using it to cut to the front of the ride lines.  But his people say he's nursing a knee injury, and Disney doesn't make him wait in lines anyway.


There is nothing you will hear today that will affect your world more than this:  North West has taken her first steps!! KIM KARDASHIAN posted a picture of herself with North, along with the caption, quote, "Our baby girl finished one week of swimming lessons today then took her 1st steps right when she got out of the pool!!!! Mommy & Daddy are so proud of you!!!! Meanwhile, the "Star" tabloid says Kim is so miserable in her marriage to KANYE WEST that she's BINGE-EATING.  And they even put a picture of Kim's increasing BACK AND ELBOW FAT on their cover.


This would have been a GOLDMINE 10 years ago.  We'll have to wait and see if it can still catch on:  BRITNEY SPEARS is releasing a line of LINGERIE, called The Intimate Britney Spears. You can see a Photoshopped picture of Britney wearing one of "her" creations on the Intimate Britney Spears Facebook page.


The media circus surrounding LEBRON JAMES' free agency created havoc in his neighborhood for about a week.  Now, for the inconvenience, LeBron has sent his neighbors an apology note . . . along with a dozen gourmet cupcakes.  That's the kind of classy thing JUSTIN BIEBER wouldn't do.

7/23/14 Jay Z & Beyonce Divorcing?

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Sources say JAY Z and BEYONCÉ are going to divorce after their On the Run tour ends later this summer.  One source says, quote, "They are splitting up everything (properties, money, children) right now, but will be keeping up appearances until the announcement.  They are separating this year, with the divorce to follow in about six months.  It will be very clean and very fast."


In the new issue of "Self" magazine, JESSICA ALBA shares her secret for a happy family life.  She says, quote, "You've got to have the girls' night out to complain about your husband or whatever it is. You have some fun, then you can go and enjoy the work, and you can take pride in it instead of it depleting you and being a burden."


A new book claims that BILL CLINTON has a busty blonde mistress that his Secret Service guys call "The Energizer", and she makes house calls when HILLARY is out of town.  In fact, Bill's security detail keeps in touch with Hillary's, to ensure there are no "uncomfortable run-ins."


CAMERON DIAZ may have dumped out of an interview on an Australian radio station after the host joked about DREW BARRYMORE'S battle with drugs, then tried to bring up Cameron's boyfriend BENJI MADDEN.  Cameron said, quote, "We're having to go now.  Sorry, they're wrapping us up."  And that was the end of the interview.

7/22/14 Highest Paid in Hollywood

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014


JESSICA SIMPSON is closing down the baby factory after pushing out just two products. On Sunday, she Instagrammed a picture of herself holding a friend's baby, and captioned it, quote, "I love you Jack, but I do not want another!!"


We all do dumb things when we're sexually inexperienced . . . but when SNOOKI lost her virginity, she and the guy may have set a record for stupidity. Snooki says, quote, "We were so young, and I didn't want to get pregnant, so he literally put Saran Wrap on his penis and we tried to have sex, and it hurt him and it was stupid."


For the second straight year, ROBERT DOWNEY JR. tops Forbes.com's annual list of "The Highest Paid Actors in Hollywood."  He reportedly raked in $75 million over the past 12 months.  THE ROCK is second with an estimated take of $52 million. And Bradley Cooper was third with $46 million.


Before PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN passed away earlier this year, his accountant suggested that he set aside some money for his three children.  But he said no, because he didn't want them to be, quote, "trust fund kids."  Instead, he left everything to the kids' mother, his longtime girlfriend, Mimi.


In a "GQ" interview, KANYE WEST referred to KIM KARDASHIAN as a "dinosaur" and a "fighter jet", because she's really cool and rare, or something like that.  He also called himself a "blowfish" instead of a "shark", because he's not a predator, he just wants to defend himself and others.


KIM KARDASHIAN and KANYE WEST reportedly spend $500,000 on a decoy for their daughter North, so the real kid won't get harassed by the paparazzi. Sources say they held a casting call so they could find a baby who looks enough like North to throw off photographers.  And they also have a look-alike nanny to pair up with her. It's not clear how much the nanny is getting paid, or how much work the baby has to do to earn that 500-grand.

7/21/14 James Garner Dies

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Monday, July 21, 2014


JAMES GARNER passed away at his home in California on Saturday night, at the age of 86.  He died of natural causes.  He was best known for his starring roles on "The Rockford Files" and "Maverick", and more recently in the movie "The Notebook".


ADAM LEVINE married Victoria's Secret model BEHATI PRINSLOO Saturday night in Mexico, and JONAH HILL performed the ceremony.  Guests included Robert Downey Jr. and Jason Segel . . . plus Maroon 5 members James Valentine and Jesse Carmichael.  The reception featured a performance by STEVIE NICKS, who's mentoring Adam's team on "The Voice".


GEORGE CLOONEY told "Variety" that he's, quote, "marrying up."  Meanwhile, LISA WHELCHEL from "The Facts of Life" says if she'd known how Clooney was going to turn out, she'd have gone after him when they worked together on the show.


A month after CASEY KASEM'S death, the battle between his widow JEAN and his kids from his first marriage rages on. The kids now say Jean removed Casey's body from a Washington state funeral home, and they don't know where it is.  If Jean did remove the body, she did it in defiance of the law. Earlier in the week Casey's kids went to court to request an autopsy.  The judge ordered Jean to keep the body in cold storage at the funeral home until that request could be ruled on.


Burt Reynolds was ordered to pay ex-wife Loni Anderson $155,000 nearly 20-years after their divorce. Burt agreed to pay Loni $234,794 back in 1993 as part of their divorce settlement. But she recently said he still owed her $97,000 so she went to court to get the money. And the judge ordered him to pay up… which with interest went up to $154,520.

7/18/14 Jason Biggs Makes Bad Joke

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Friday, July 18, 2017


JASON BIGGS loves trolling people on Twitter.  Not long after the Malaysian Airlines plane was shot down while flying over the Ukraine yesterday, Jason fired off this Tweet:  Quote, "Anyone wanna buy my Malaysian Airlines frequent flyer miles?"  Some people didn't like him making light of the crash, but Jason says he was just making a "joke," and people should relax.


PAMELA ANDERSON and RICK SALOMON didn't seem like a couple that's divorcing when they were caught kissing in Malibu on Wednesday.


The "National Enquirer" claims MATT LAUER was stepping out on his wife when he was spotted on a boat earlier this month with a "mystery blonde."  Matt and his guest supposedly started "acting suspicious" when they noticed the paparazzi.


LEBRON JAMES has topped an annual survey of America's Favorite Sports Stars by Harris Interactive for the first time EVER.  MICHAEL JORDAN was #1 in last year's poll, but he's the runner-up this year.  For the ladies, SERENA WILLIAMS is #1, followed by DANICA PATRICK.


Lindsay Lohan took home a trophy at a film festival in Italy. Lindsay was honored with the Biggest Comeback Award at the Ischia Global Film & Music Fest. Her last film was "The Canyons", which grossed $56K.

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