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4/7/14 Rihanna Preggers?

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Monday, April 7, 2014


There’s a website out there that claims RIHANNA is pregnant . . . and the baby could be either DRAKE'S or CHRIS BROWN'S.  There's a photo where it looks like Rihanna might have a slight baby bump.  In the photo of the alleged baby bump, Rihanna is at a Starbucks with her dad.  And "sources" say she got a DECAFFEINATED tea.

Also, sources say she has given up drinking AND smoking pot and cigarettes.


More personal photos of DEMI LOVATO have hit the Internet.  In some, she's in bed with then-boyfriend WILMER VALDERRAMA.  In others, she's naked.  Demi Tweeted a picture of herself in boxing gloves, along with a Spanish phrase that means, quote, "I am strong.  I am a fighter.  Do not underestimate me."


SNOOKI and her fiancé JIONNI LAVALLE are expecting their second child.  Snooki announced it Friday, adding, quote, "Now knowing that our test results are good and our baby is healthy, we can finally talk about it."


Justin Bieber is wearing out his welcome at home, too.  Someone from Justin’s hometown RIPPED into him online, for acting like a punk during a recent visit to his local Walmart.  He saw Justin and around 30 friends shining flashlights into young girls' faces . . . bouncing balls . . . throwing things . . . opening food . . . and harassing employees.


Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, took part in a spiritual healing ceremony while vacationing in the Bahamas last week. A friend close of the former couple claimed they took part in a beach ritual performed by a Kabbalah Rabbi on what they called their “break-up moon.” During the service, they read from a sacred Kabbalah book, lit a fire, used stones to symbolize their continuing concrete relationship and threw pebbles into the sea to represent their “wandering spirits.” They then read out: “Blessed are you in coming in and blessed are you in going out,” before sharing a parting kiss.

4/4/14 Letterman Retiring

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Friday, April 4, 2014


DAVID LETTERMAN announced that he's retiring next year on "The Late Show" last night.  There's no timetable yet.  David said, quote, "It'll be, I think, at least a year or so, but sometime in the not-too-distant future.  [In] 2015 for the love of God, in fact, Paul and I will be wrapping things up and taking a hike."


BRUCE and KRIS JENNER were holding hands at Los Angeles International Airport yesterday, after they returned from their family vacation in Thailand.  They were also wearing their wedding rings. And when a paparazzi scumbag said, quote, "Look at you guys together!" . . . Bruce replied, quote, "We've BEEN together." But the "Star" tabloid still says Bruce is considering gender reassignment surgery . . . and wants to change his name to BRIDGET.


Last year there were rumors that MIRANDA KERR hooked up with JUSTIN BIEBER after a fashion show in New York City . . . so it's only fitting that we're now speculating about some ORLANDO BLOOM / SELENA GOMEZ action. They met recently when Selena spoke to kids at some conference, and even ended up in a picture together along with SETH ROGEN.  So as far as the Internet is concerned, they're totally doing it.


The "National Enquirer" claims TIGER WOODS is jealous . . . because a fan asked MICHAEL DOUGLAS who he'd invite to "the perfect dinner party," and he listed LINDSEY VONN among several other famous people.


4/3/14 Miley Pregnant?

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Thursday, April 3, 2014


"Life & Style" magazine claims MILEY CYRUS is "pregnant and scared" . . . but her rep says it's, quote, "absolutely not true."  In actual Miley news, she's mourning the death of her dog, Floyd.  She Tweeted, quote, "I know I don't mean it, but I wish he would've taken me with him.  This is unbearable."


Whatever caused GWYNETH PALTROW and CHRIS MARTIN to Consciously Uncouple, it was apparently NOT infidelity.  Because sources say they had an OPEN MARRIAGE . . . and both of them took advantage of that. Martin has been linked to Kate Bosworth, Helena Christensen and Kate Hudson. And Gwyneth has reportedly nailed "Glee" producer Brad Falchuk, a billionaire named Jeffrey Soffer, and attorney Kevin Yorn. As for what broke them up, the odds seem to be on Gwyneth's NAGGING.  "Us Weekly" says they fought a lot about how to parent their kids and what to feed them.


Not everyone in Hollywood is totally progressive.  Take KIRSTEN DUNST.  Her view on gender roles is kind of "Leave It to Beaver".  She tells the British edition of "Harper's Bazaar", quote, "I feel like the feminine has been a little undervalued. We all have to get our own jobs and make our own money, but staying at home, nurturing, being the mother, cooking . . . it's a valuable thing my mum created.  And sometimes, you need your knight in shining armor. I'm sorry.  You need a man to be a man and a woman to be a woman.  That's why relationships work."


BROOKE BURKE-CHARVET crashed her black Maserati yesterday morning.  Apparently, the police suspected that she might have been drinking, because they administered a field sobriety test . . . but she PASSED.  Brooke claims the crash was caused by a "faulty steering wheel."


Four years ago, BEYONCÉ'S father had an affair with a woman, and she had a son.  She isn't happy with the declining child support payments that she's getting . . . and she claims she's HOMELESS . . . so now she wants Beyoncé to meet her half-brother.  Is this just a ploy for money?


ROBERT DOWNEY JR. made $75 million last year.  Not surprisingly, that's an above-average salary for an actor.  But just HOW above average is it?  WAY above average. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the AVERAGE 2013 salary for your Hollywood types, including actors, directors and producers, was $89,000.  That's $42.80 an hour. The median salary is even lower:  $30.48.  And the median for actors specifically is lower still:  $22.15.

4/2/14 LiLo Broke, Yet Again

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Sources say LINDSAY LOHAN is broke again, even after being paid $2 million for her show on OPRAH'S network.  She also reportedly had all her credit cards denied when she tried to buy $300 worth of clothes at a store in New York City over the weekend.  And sources also say Lindsay's rehab stay at Cliffside Malibu last year was comped, because she couldn't afford the bill. Cliffside figured they would get enough publicity to comp the 15,000 dollar bill.


Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are being called the neighbors from Hell. The two bought a home in 2012 and she immediately planted four layers of huge fir trees surrounding the property and installed a huge nine-foot black gate that violated zoning laws. A complaint was filed with the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety but nothing has been done about it yet. The house is where Gwyneth and Chris plan on doing their Conscious Uncoupling.


Yet another photographer is saying he was roughed up by Justin Bieber's bodyguards and he’s looking for a big payout. Jeffery Binion is suing over a 2013 incident outside the Hit Factory recording studio in Miami. He claims he was thrown against a wall by one of Bieber's bodyguards, who also threatened him with a gun. Binion says his camera was stolen and he’s seeking punitive damages, according to his lawyer -- who claims that Bieber's entourage has been involved in 11 similar incidents.

4/1/14 Truth About Katy & John

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014


MIRANDA KERR poses nude in the British edition of "GQ" and tells us more than we need to know about her sexuality.  She's a member of the Mile High Club, she's open to GIRL-ON-GIRL action and she always asks for a critique from her partner after sex.


Sources say KATY PERRY dumped JOHN MAYER because she found out he was having kinky sex with KELLY MONACO.  One source says, quote, "[Kelly] was open to the things that John's into, like sexy toys, tying each other up and threesomes.  He couldn't get enough."  Katy reportedly found texts between them and sent John packing.


In the new issue of "Interview" magazine, JOHNNY DEPP admits that he smokes A LOT.  Asked how many cigarettes he burns down in a day, he says, quote, "I'll bet a thousand.  I'm working my way up to ten thousand."  Obviously he's exaggerating, since that would be 50 packs A DAY.


According to a new survey, ANNE HATHAWAY is the most unfairly hated and mocked celebrity.  JAY LENO is second.  The poll also found that TAYLOR SWIFT is considered the biggest celebrity "player" . . . and DESTINY'S CHILD is the group most people want to do a reunion tour.


Lindsay Lohan’s longtime assistant, Matt Harrell, has reportedly quit because she couldn’t afford to pay him anymore. After production on her reality show wrapped for Oprah's OWN network, Lohan told him that she couldn’t really afford to keep him on her payroll. A source says that Matt still agreed to accompany Lindsay to do press for the reality show, but isn’t working for her.


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