Cloudy today and tonight with a 50% chance of showers.
High today 73.
Low tonight 63.

Mostly cloudy tomorrow, a 40% chance of showers. High 79.
Mostly cloudy Monday night with a 20% chance of isolated showers. Low 63.

Cloudy Tuesday, with a 50% chance of scattered showers,
possibly thunderstorms after 3pm. High 76.

Cloudy Tuesday night and Wednesday, a 50% chance of scattered showers. Low 58.
Cloudy Wednesday, a 30% chance of scattered showers, mainly before 9am. High 74.

Mostly cloudy Wednesday night. Low 57.
Partly sunny Thursday. High 74.
Mostly cloudy Thursday night. Low 55.
Mostly sunny Friday. High 71.
Partly cloudy Friday night. Low 54.
Mostly sunny Saturday. High 71.