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Love shopping? Don't love shopping? Ok, then we have something for both of you. We thought that shopping in the offline world can be done much better than it’s been done for so many years. Why does no one reward you for visiting their stores, only for buying something? Why does nobody make shopping more individual and give you offers that matter to you? Why is there no fun social sharing and other stuff when you go to your favorite store? And where are offers that really matter to you, especially if you don’t read the Sunday paper?

So… what if you could flip on a switch and turn offline stores into interactive worlds, using your smart phone? That’s shopkick. We founded shopkick in the summer of 2009. Many of us have been creating mobile apps, mobile companies and e-commerce companies before, or worked at internet companies (CBS Mobile, Loopt, 12snap, GoldPocket Wireless, CommerceFlow, Rojo, Google, TellMe/Microsoft, LindenLab etc.). And all of us believe that shopping can be a much better experience than it is today. So we came together to improve shopping for you in the physical world.

We still have a lot of work, but we won’t stop until you’ll love it. :)


Jake Owen tweeted that he was going to the Emergency room...then he posted this pic...but never actually said how this happened.



CHRIS YOUNG is set to do his first-ever live streamed acoustic concert tonight at 6:30. It’s part of Sony Music’s monthly live music showcase series. To hear the show, head for

ABC really wants you to watch their special, "CMA Music Festival: Country's Night to Rock" . . . which airs September 1st . . . so they're priming the pump by streaming a bunch of videos on their Website that were taken during the festival. --The videos feature the artists onstage, backstage, at fan club parties, goofing around on their buses and at home. --Unfortunately, isn't going to start airing the videos until this Friday. 

You can pre-order THE ZAC BROWN BAND’s next album starting today. You’ll get some cool bonus stuff if you do. Log on to
You can listen to a preview of RANDY HOUSER’s next album starting today. Head for



It looks like Al has found his "Road to Riches"! Not sure what goes on in "Woody's World" but he sure has a nice set-up!