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CHRIS YOUNG is set to do his first-ever live streamed acoustic concert tonight at 6:30. It’s part of Sony Music’s monthly live music showcase series. To hear the show, head for

ABC really wants you to watch their special, "CMA Music Festival: Country's Night to Rock" . . . which airs September 1st . . . so they're priming the pump by streaming a bunch of videos on their Website that were taken during the festival. --The videos feature the artists onstage, backstage, at fan club parties, goofing around on their buses and at home. --Unfortunately, isn't going to start airing the videos until this Friday. 

You can pre-order THE ZAC BROWN BAND’s next album starting today. You’ll get some cool bonus stuff if you do. Log on to
You can listen to a preview of RANDY HOUSER’s next album starting today. Head for



It looks like Al has found his "Road to Riches"! Not sure what goes on in "Woody's World" but he sure has a nice set-up!


This new ad for Levi's makes it look like he has walked across America. It took 2800 photos to make
this video. He made it all the way across the country before Jimmy Wayne made it to Arizona!


The ‘Whale Hits Boat’ photo is sweeping across the web today. A photographer managed to capture the moment when a whale seemingly jumps and lands on a boat. Get the story here.

It was an ordinary day for husband and wife sailing instructors Ralph Mothes and Paloma Werner. They had taken their yacht out into the waters off of the coast of Cape Town, South Africa when all of a sudden it happened.

A 40-ton Southern Right Whale breached the surface just off of the port side of the boat. The normally awe-inspiring sight would have been pleasant—but unfortunately before the whale could splash back down into the water, it practically landed on top of the sailing vessel.

The image of the nearly vertical whale dwarfing the sailboat is among the most viewed photos on the web today. The Whale hits boat photo can be found below. It’s no Photoshop trick either. Mothes appeared on The Today Show this morning, and here is what he had to say about the incident:

“Suddenly I saw this huge monster shape come up out of the water on my port side…It just happened in an instant. It was quite frightening.”

Luckily no one was hurt, but the boat seemed to buckle under the immense weight of the animal. PEOPLE reports that the mast was snapped like a wooden matchstick, and part of the cabin was damaged.

As for the whale, it did leave behind some barnacles and blubber, but the absence of blood leaves observers hopeful that it didn’t suffer any serious injuries.