Headlines...just the Headlines!

Corn Flakes Start Fire at Kellogg's Factory

The World's largest rodent not in Congress

Mother claims self defense for trying to kill 3 month old

Hairstylist fired after shaving hed to support Sisters Cancer Fight

Man charged with DUI - in a shopping cart 

Lake Michigan Beach closed after children emerge covered in Mystery silver substance

Recruit commits to South Carolina because they have classes where "you have to try to fail"

Mother, Son Accused Of Stealing Frozen Gopher Feet 

Dangerour dogs run wild in St. Louis

Pope blesses hundreds of Harley Davidsons  

Rock found in yard is piece of Russian Space Station

Dogs rear looks like Jesus in a Robe

Travelers spot Jesus at Pheonix Airport

City Unsure why the Sewer Smells

Man accused of Killing Lawyer receives a new attorney

Dog owners must get pets swabbed for DNA to keep track of poop

Naked acrobat terrorizes San Francisco Subway riders, does handstands & backflips

Man calls cops to complain about ugly prostitute

Will future planes be propelled by cow farts?

US Military testing stealth motorcycle

German bank employee naps on keyboard, transfers millions

Crazy Ants feast of electronics

IRS buying spying equipment: covert cameas in coffee trays and plants 

Truck carrying fireworks hits moose - Lights up sky! 

First woman in space ready for 'one-way' flight to Mars 

Mega mosquitoes found in Florida 

Texas high school silences Valedictorian's mic during speech on Constitution  

Simon Cowell egged during "Britain's Got Talent' live finale