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MOMMY MONDAY (4/20/15)

5 things your kids will remember about you:

1. The times you made them feel safe (or the times you made them feel unsafe).
There’s a vulnerability and a need for protection in the heart of every child. Your kids will remember those moments you chased the monsters from under their bed or held them after a nightmare, but they’ll also remember the times when your temper became the monster they feared. Our kids are probably going to see us angry sometimes, because that’s part of life, but make it your mission to make your children feel safe and secure at all times when they’re with you.
2. The times you gave them your undivided attention.
Kids measure love primarily by our attentiveness to them. The times you stop what you’re doing to have a tea party or go outside to throw a ball or jump on a trampoline with be memories etched into their minds and hearts forever. Take the time to do the little things with your kids, because in the end, they’ll be the moments that matter most.
3. The way you interacted with your spouse.
Our kids are forming their views of love in large part by watching how we treat our husband or wife. Strive to have the kind of marriage that makes them excited to get married someday. Give them the security that comes from seeing their Mom and Dad in a committed, loving relationship with each other.
4. Your words of affirmation AND your words of criticism.
A child’s heart is like wet cement and the impression made early in life will harden over time. They’ll base their sense of identity, capability and even self-worth largely upon the words you speak to them in those formative years. Part of our job as parents is to correct and discipline, but even in correction, let your words be full of love, encouragement and positive reinforcement.
5. Your family traditions.
Kids love spontaneity, but they also have  deep need for predictability. They’ll remember with great fondness the “traditions” you establish whether it’s a weekly family movie (or game) night, a place you regularly travel for family getaways, the way you celebrate birthdays and special events or any other special tradition. Be intentional about creating some traditions that they’ll want to pass onto their own children someday.

MOMMY MONDAY (4/13/15)

I'd Rather
I'd Rather be a mother
Than anyone on earth
Bringing up a child or two
Of unpretentious birth.
I'd rather nurse a rosy babe
With warm lips on my breast
Than wear a queen's medallion
Above a heart less blest
I'd rather tuck a little child
All safe and sound in bed--
Than twine a chain of diamonds
About my foolish head.
I'd rather wash a smudgy face
With round, bright baby eyes--
Than paint the pageantry of fame,
Or walk among the wise.
Meredith Gray


Somewhere, there is a momma in the silent years quietly wiping down a high chair. Breakfast is over and her baby is babbling on a blanket as she takes a minute to clean up applesauce and tiny puffs that have spilled across the floor.

She will spend so much of her day pouring out love to that sweet baby who loves her dearly but don’t have the words to tell her just yet. Who rely on her for everything, but cannot say how much they appreciate her.
She will speak to that baby, and sing, and read stories – each word an investment – but without a word in return.
To the momma in the silent years – You’re doing beautiful work. Yes. Beautiful. It doesn’t always feel very glamorous does it? But it truly is. There will come a day when your little one looks up at you and says, “I love you so much, momma. Thank you for my
chocolate milk. Thank you for my bedtime story. Thank you for playing with me, momma. Momma, can I have a hug?

They will be full of stories, because you taught them that they were
important. They will sing songs, because their hearts remembered your words. And they will be full of conversations, because you showed them with each word you poured into them that they mattered.

And some days… you will wonder if they will ever stop talking. But you might think back to these silent years and remember how badly you wanted your little one to speak to you. How lonely it felt some days to be with someone at all times and not have a conversation.

But the silent years don’t last forever – and soon your life will be full
of small voices and chatter. Just hold on, sweet momma. God hears your heart. Somewhere, there is a momma in the silent years waiting for a phone call.
She hasn’t heard from her child in days, and no matter how many times she has reached out, there has only been silence from the other end.
She will spend most of her time praying for that now grown baby. She will ask God to keep her child safe. She will trust that the love that she has poured out will not come back void. And she will wait.
It might be because of a busy schedule, or a life in transition, or even a rebellious streak – but whatever has brought both of them to this time, it won’t last forever.
To the momma in the silent years – hold onto hope. God can change priorities in an instant. He can restore relationships in a moment. He can build bridges across what seemed like canyons. Just hold on, sweet momma. God hears your heart.

Somewhere, there is a momma in the silent years waiting for a sign that her prayers have been heard. She has asked God for a baby of her own day after day. She has taken tests that have all come back negative.

She has cried. She has prayed some more, but each month the results are the same and her faith seems frail.

To the momma in the silent years – God hears your cries. He knows the deepest desires of yours heart, and though you question if they will be answered – He wants you to know that you are not forgotten. You are not alone.

In a moment, God can speak. He can direct. He can guide. He can reassure. Because these silent years don’t last forever. Just hold on, sweet momma.Everything can change in an instant. God hears your heart.

There can be hope for each season. Hope that comes from our Heavenly Father alone. Hope that our hearts are known. Hope for a different tomorrow. Hope for the future. If you’re running low on hope today, borrow mine. I will stand with you. I will remain hopeful for you.

So, Father, today we ask that you would speak more audibly than ever before. Reassure our hearts of your presence. Reassure our hearts of your love. You are so faithful, Father. Help us to hear you clearly as you pour out your words of love like the momma of the little one, as your wait for us to come to you like the momma waiting to hear from her child, and as your Son constantly brings us before your throne of grace. It is in the precious name of Jesus that I pray.

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MOMMY MONDAY (3/30/15)

Bags under your eyes?
No problem.

Just rest them on a face that loves you.
She doesn’t see dark circles—she only notices the way they light up when
her laugh comes straight from her belly.
Pants too tight?
No problem.
Just allow your favorite pair of arms to enclose you.
Those arms don’t feel a size—they feel home.
Overwhelmed with regret?
No problem.
Just go and tuck those soft covers around your beloved.
He doesn’t care how many times you’ve fallen down; he only sees that
you’re standing here now.
Feeling less than shiny and put together?
No problem.
Let down your hair and turn up your favorite song.
Your dancing partner doesn’t see ugliness; he sees the life of his party.
Feeling unlovable?
No problem.
Just hold out your hands.
That offering to give love, is also a chance to BE loved.
So before you scrutinize
Tear down
Or judge yourself with critical eyes,
Think about what you offer up every day to the people who share your life:
That’s how you roll.
So today, give a little of that love to yourself.
© Rachel Macy Stafford 2014

MOMMY MONDAY (2/23/15)

Last week I had my good friend and her boys over for a play date. What I
love about getting together with her is that there’s freedom to be real. I
didn’t race around my house minutes before she came to make it look
presentable. I didn’t attempt to create the allusion that I had time to do
my hair. Instead, this is how it went down.
I greeted her with sopping wet hair. I was wearing yoga pants and carrying
my twin girls in their bath towels who had decided to jump in the shower
with me minutes earlier. The breakfast dishes were barely cleaned up and
the toys were already covering the floor for the day.
And the best part? She didn’t care. Because she gets it. She gets that
sleep was probably interrupted the night before and that I chose to rest a
few extra minutes instead of waking up early to dry and curl my hair. She
gets that showering alone sometimes isn’t an option and that I had to drag
the kids along just so I could wash myself. She gets that dishes are never
ending and there’s no such thing as all the toys being put away. She gets
it all.
She understands that more than anything, what I need during this season
isn’t the stress of preparing for a get together, but that I need to know
I’m not alone. So she continually meets me where I’m at.
We chat about the good, the bad, and the unknown, while our kids run wild
and destroy the house. We pretend not to notice it. Because honestly?
We’re willing to sacrifice just about anything, including a controlled
environment, for a couple hours of adult conversation.
When one kid dumps an entire bag of cereal on the table and the next one
throws it all over the floor, we laugh and enjoy the chaos. Then, she
grabs the broom while holding my baby and starts sweeping it up.
She meets me in my mess. Time and time again.
My hope for all of us is that we’d pursue friendships in our messes. That
we wouldn’t wait to reach out until we have it all together. When you
welcome someone over to your dirty house, I guarantee it’ll make that
friend feel even more loved to know you trust her with your real life
The truth is, none of us live in a perfect house with a white picket
fence. There’s always more to the story, and there’s nothing better than
to let someone in to YOUR story. That’s where life gets rich, it’s where
we learn that we were placed on this earth to bring light into each
other’s darkness.
You are loved today, friend. Even in your messiest darkest hour, you are
worthy of love.