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Jake's Corner

1/5/14 Stuart Scott Dies

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Monday, January 5, 2015


Former ESPN personality and "SportsCenter" anchor STUART SCOTT lost his battle with cancer yesterday. He was only 49 years old. Scott joined ESPN in 1993. He was diagnosed with cancer in 2007, after doctors found a tumor while removing his appendix. He received the Jimmy V Perseverance Award at the ESPYs this past July.


Since BRUCE and KRIS JENNER split, it has seemed like Bruce would be cool slipping back into anonymity . . . possibly as a WOMAN. But maybe that isn't the case. TMZ claims Bruce is interested in doing his OWN reality show, where he and his three sons would "race cars, travel, and just generally bro out." They described it as "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" with, quote, "a bit more testosterone." This is just a rumor for now. Technically, Bruce is still under contract with E!, so he'd have to work that out. Naturally, he doesn't want to do "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" or any of its spin-offs since Kris is an executive producer.


Miley Cyrus brought on 2015 with a bang. Miley and her boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger celebrated the new year in Las Vegas with his dad, Arnold, Sofia Vergara, and Britney Spears. According to E! News, Miley and Patrick began with dinner inside the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino where they were joined by Arnold, Sofía Vergara and Joe Manganiello. Then the group went to see Britney Spears' show.


12/2/14 Ashton & Mila Married??

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Friday, January 2, 2015


There are a lot of pictures of KIM KARDASHIAN where she's not smiling. But it's not because she's sad, or because she doesn't like her teeth. It's all about preserving her youth. Kim posted some pictures of herself smiling the other day, along with a caption that explains everything: "See I do smile . . . even laugh on occasion. Not too often though because it causes wrinkles."


GWYNETH PALTROW admits she sometimes second-guesses her CONSCIOUS UNCOUPLING with CHRIS MARTIN. She says, quote, "There are times when I think it would have been better if we had stayed married, which is always what your children want. But we have been able to solidify this friendship, so that we're really close."


People are speculating that ASHTON KUTCHER and MILA KUNIS are married, thanks to a picture Ashton posted New Year's Eve. It's a "Happy New Year" message written in sand, and it's signed, "The Kutchers".


Who knew that JAMIE LYNN SPEARS was a BLADE MAN? Jamie waved a knife around to stop a fight at a Pita Pit in Hammond, Louisiana last weekend. Sources say Jamie was there with a friend when a fight broke out between a bunch of guys. Jamie's friend was knocked over, so Jamie dragged her to safety behind the counter.

Then she threatened the guys with a SERRATED BREAD KNIFE to make them stop fighting. Police were called, but Jamie's friend didn't want to press charges, so there were no arrests.


Sean Penn and Charlize Theron are secretly engaged, according to Us Weekly. Penn, 54 and Theron, 39 reportedly got engaged in November while vacationing in Paris, but you would never know it by looking at the her finger. Sources say there is no huge diamond ring because the actress didn't want one. This will be Penn's third marriage and Theron's first.

1/1/15 LiLo Has Bad Virus

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Thursday, January 1, 2015


Lindsay Lohan is starting the new year in pain.  She has been vacationing in the French Polynesian, but things took a turn for the worse a few days ago when she caught a rare, untreatable virus called Chikungunya.  According to the World Health Organization, the virus is transmitted through mosquito bites and causes fever, joint paint, fatigue and a rash. The joint pain can last for months and there's no cure. Still, Lindsay wasn't going to let that stop her good time. She tweeted, "I refuse to let a virus [affect] my peaceful vacation."


Why does Chris Rock want out of his 19-year marriage? Simple. He's not happy.  Sources tell TMZ that the comedian "just did not want to continue in a marriage that was not fulfilling." One insider says this will be a "simple divorce," although there have been reports that wife Malaak has been preventing him from seeing their two young daughters.


Meanwhile, Chris Rock's camp is denying reports that he split up with his wife Malaak after falling for his Top Five co-star Rosario Dawson. “There is no truth to that," Rock's rep tells The New York Post. "The rumor is 100 percent untrue.”

12/31/14 Sofia Vergara Engaged

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Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Sofia Vergara got a very special gift for Christmas -- an engagement ring! According to E! News, Joe Manganiello popped the question on Thursday. The two, who began dating in July, have yet to announce the news publicly. On Sunday, Sofia celebrated Joe's birthday by posting a photo of the couple on Instagram and writing, "Happy happy bday to my love and best friend, to the one that makes me laugh like crazy!Have a healthy wonderful year babe!!!"


Justin Bieber isn't as swaggy as we all thought he was. The Biebs made us all believe he bought a $60 million private plane for himself on Christmas, but that's apparently not the case. According to TMZ, Justin simply rented the private jet for a last-minute getaway on Christmas Day from Canada to New York City. On that day, he posted a picture of himself in the for-sale fancy air craft, making many believe he purchased it.


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West spend a lot of time away from each other, but TMZ says they have purchased a new home that will put an end to the long distance in their marriage. Apparently, the couple purchased the house next door to their Hidden Hills dream home so they can expand their property to five acres. TMZ says the plan is to build "a giant park for kids, a basketball court and a full music studio for Kanye ... so he doesn't have to venture off to Paris or Mexico to record his albums." Also, quote, "a full movie theater, game room and a spa for Kim are also in the works, as well as a detached guest house. "

12/30/14 Christina Aguillera's Meltdown

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Khloe Kardashian wants to finalize her divorce from Lamar Odom, but her estranged husband is nowhere to be found. According to TMZ, Khloe has been unable to meet up with Lamar to hash out the details of the divorce despite several attempts. Sources close to the family say he hasn't been responding to calls from Khloe or her attorney. It's been reported that if she can't get Lamar to meet her and settle the case, she'll have to file a default judgment without him.


Believe it or not, Christina Aguilera might be a drama queen. XTina spent her birthday at the "Happiest Place on Earth" and ended up in a heated argument with...none other than...Mickey Mouse. TMZ reports that Christina and her crew tried to get a picture with Mickey as he was going on break, but she was told by employees that she would have to wait. That's when she had a diva meltdown. She reportedly called Mickey a nasty name, and then dropped the horrific, "Do you know who I am?" line. That's when she and her people started making threats to Mickey, so the poor Mouse had to be ushered away to safety.


Chris Rock has officially filed for divorce from his wife, Malaak, of nearly 20 years.  Malaak Compton-Rock released a statement Sunday to People saying, "After much contemplation and 19 years of marriage, Chris and I have decided to go our separate ways." The 49-year-old comedian and his wife got married in 1996. They have two daughters -- 12-year-old Lola Simone and 10-year-old Zahra Savannah.

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