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3/13/14 LiLo's Famous "List"

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Thursday, March 13, 2014


We don't know if this is legit, but LINDSAY LOHAN supposedly made a handwritten list of 36 famous guys she's been with, to impress some friends last year.  And "In Touch Weekly" just posted it.  It includes Justin Timberlake, Adam Levine, James Franco, Zac Efron, Heath Ledger, Colin Farrell, and Joaquin Phoenix.


For some reason, SUSAN SARANDON doesn't want her future grandchildren to call her "grandma," she wants them to call her "Honey."  She says, quote, "I borrowed [it] from a very dear friend of mine who's from the South.  His grandma was 'Honey.'"


TMZ is reporting that boxing champ FLOYD MAYWEATHER had two men brutally beaten because he thought they stole from him.  Floyd's men pulverized them with clubs and other weapons.  Both men suffered broken arms and legs and were hospitalized for several days.  They've retained a lawyer, and Floyd could be looking at charges as serious as attempted murder and kidnapping.


Sources say Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez are separated and have been living apart. The two married in July 2013 but according to the NY Daily News, they have drifted apart because of hectic work schedules. They two have not been seen in public together in months. And Halle was not wearing her wedding ring as the special guest at a post-Oscars party. Meanwhile, Olivier was nowhere to be seen. They have a son, Maceo, born in October 2013

3/12/14 Most Overexposed Celebs

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014


In a radio interview yesterday, JENNIFER LOPEZ was asked who she would save if ex-boyfriends DIDDY and BEN AFFLECK were both drowning, and she could only save one of them.  She said, quote, "I'd let both those mother(effers) drown."  She was joking, of course.


According to a new poll, JUSTIN BIEBER is the most overexposed celebrity.  More than 6,600 celebrities were considered, and ranked based on "46 attributes through public opinion polling."  Here's the Top 10 . . .

1.  Justin Bieber . . . 67% of people thought he was overexposed

2.  Kim Kardashian, 61%

3.  Lindsay Lohan, 59%

4.  Miley Cyrus, 57%

5.  Honey Boo Boo, 56%

6.  Kris Jenner, 55%

7.  Snooki, 55%

8.  Paris Hilton, 53%

9.  Kourtney Kardashian, 50%


Justin Bieber has a date -- with a judge. The Bieb has been given a May 5th trial date in his Miami DUI case. Justin has pleaded not guilty to the DUI charge, as well as to resisting arrest and possessing an invalid driver's license.


The manager of OJ Simpson says the recent break-in at Khloe Kardashian’s home was related to OJ himself. The manager says the thieves were looking for a mysterious item of Simpson’s property linked to the night his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson was murdered. He says several people have been on the hunt for a notorious set of golf clubs that once belonged to OJ and were last known to be in the possession of Khloe’s dad, Robert Kardashian. He claims Khloe could have inherited them when her dad died.


3/11/14 Kim & Kanye's Pre-nup

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Sources say KIM KARDASHIAN and KANYE WEST will sign a prenup before they get married that gives Kim $1 million for every year they're together . . . although the amount is capped at $10 million.  Also, their house will be in her name, and any money she makes on her own is hers to keep.


More videos from JUSTIN BIEBER'S four and a half hour deposition hit the web yesterday.  They include Justin basically admitting he takes Xanax illegally, and being a complete TOOL to a court reporter after she POLITELY asked him to repeat an answer that he mumbled. Also, Justin is seen nodding off several times during the interview.


NICOLAS CAGE says it "sucks to be famous right now" because of smart phones and "celebutards" who are famous just for being famous.  He adds, quote, "What the hell does Lindsay Lohan's personal life have to do with her performance in 'The Canyons'?  It should always be about the work itself."


Some woman who went to middle school with GWYNETH PALTROW says she was a prima donna back in the day.  For instance, she once beat out another girl for the role of the princess in a school play, and she told the girl she got the role because she WAS a princess and the other girl wasn't.

3/10/14 Johnny Carson Sex Tape?

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Monday, March 10, 2014


If you've seen JENNIFER ANISTON half naked in one of her movies, then you know that she doesn't need to envy ANYONE in the physique department.  But it turns out the grass is ALWAYS greener. Jennifer was asked who she'd choose if she could have any famous person's body for 24 hours.  She said, quote, "I'd love to be able to ski like a crazy person, like Lindsey Vonn.  Then I'd also like to have Gisele Bundchen's body, just 'cause, why not?" She added, quote, "Would I really want to give it back?"


Stacy Keibler got married to her boyfriend of seven months. Stacy and Jared Pobre got married over the weekend in Mexico in an intimate ceremony. Keibler started dating Pobre after she broke up with George Clooney because he didn’t want to settle down.


A person is trying to sell an X-rated video of Johnny Carson. The video is believed to be of the late Carson and one of his wives from the late-1970s. The person tried to sell it to the Johnny Carson estate last year but was turned down. And the executors of the estate threatened to sue the person if the video is ever released.


Gwyneth Paltrow's face cream which will set you back $85 is no better than the cheap brands. Scientists say Restorsea is no more effective than an everyday moisturizer. They say the product has not undergone rigorous clinical tests, the sample size of 40 used to test it was too small and there was little evidence that it worked.

3/7/14 Miley Vs. Katy

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Friday, March 7, 2014


MILEY CYRUS was apparently not happy with KATY PERRY'S joke about breaking off their kiss because Miley's tongue is nasty.  Because Miley Tweeted, quote, "Girl if you're worried about where tongues have been good thing ur ex boo is ur EX BOO cause we ALL know where THAT [tongue's] been."  That's obviously a reference to Katy's ex JOHN MAYER.


The video of JUSTIN BIEBER providing a urine sample in jail has finally surfaced . . . and it's a waste of two minutes of your time.  You just see Justin peeing behind a privacy wall and it's censored by a giant black box. Nothing special or amusing.


Khloe Kardashian is moving into Justin Bieber’s house. No, they aren't shacking up. Khloe plunked down $7.2 million for Beiber’s Calabasas, California home, the same place police raided in January. The next-door neighbors, whose home Justin allegedly egged, are "very happy" about the move.


A woman loved a dress that OPRAH wore on a magazine cover so much that she went on Twitter and asked Oprah for it.  Oprah replied, quote, "I won't wear [it] ever again contact my asst. and show her this tweet."  Within a week, the woman had the dress.


PRINCESS DIANA'S personal chef Darren McGrady says that Diana and OPRAH WINFREY were having lunch together one time, and Diana served Oprah a creamy, mayonnaise-filled tomato mousse.  Diana had Oprah THINKING she was eating the same thing . . . but she was actually eating a FAT-FREE VERSION.


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