9/4/13 Miley Says She Made History

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013
SIMON COWELL has been talking lately about feeling "paternal" and being excited for the birth of his baby. But he's not excited about EVERYTHING. One thing he's not looking forward to is diaper changing. He says, quote, "I'm not doing that, 100% absolutely not going near that!"
MILEY CYRUS claims everyone is overreacting to her "VMA" performance, and says she "didn't even think about it" when she was doing it. But she totally contradicts herself when she says, quote, "You're wanting to make history. Me and Robin [Thicke] the whole time said, 'You know we're about to make history right now.'"
According to a new poll conducted by "60 Minutes" and "Vanity Fair", PRINCESS DIANA is the celebrity we'd most like to bring back from the dead. And actually she was the runaway winner. Diana got 35% of the vote, followed by STEVE JOBS with only 14%. MICHAEL JACKSON and WHITNEY HOUSTON tied for third with 11%. HEATH LEDGER got 9%, KURT COBAIN got 6% and JAMES GANDOLFINI got 3%.
KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN did a meet-and-greet at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas over the weekend. But what a lot of fans didn't know when they showed up was that they had to pay $150 PER PERSON to meet her. In fact, they were already in line for HOURS before someone came out and handed them flyers informing them of the fee. Those who actually paid it said they were rushed in and out so quickly, it was barely worth it. One woman who took her two kids to meet Kourtney was NOT happy. She claims she even called the day before and was told she didn't have to pay to meet Kourtney. She says, quote, "Don't they have enough money? . . . I'm not a fan anymore."
A drug dealer in New York City says Lamar Odom spent $50,000 on cocaine in three years. The dealer says he witnessed Odom use the drug on 10 occasions since 2010 when Lamar visited Queens in New York where he grew up. The man says Odom likes to party and his drug problem is getting worse.