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1/9/13 Lance Armstrong Interview

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Wednesday, January 9, 2012
KIM KARDASHIAN and KANYE WEST bought an $11 million mansion in Bel Air. --It's 9,000 square feet and has a gym, movie theater, hair and makeup salon, bowling alley, basketball court and indoor and outdoor pools.
LANCE ARMSTRONG has agreed to give his first interview since he was stripped of all his Tour de France titles for allegedly using performance-enhancing drugs. And no big surprise . . . he'll give it to OPRAH. --The 90-minute interview will air next Thursday night, January 17th on OWN. --There's been some talk over the last few days that Lance is ready to ADMIT he was doping. And the gossip site Showbiz411 says that's exactly what he'll do. He'll also beg for mercy . . . and a reversal of his lifetime ban from cycling.  --But this won't help: "60 Minutes" says that in 2004, one of Lance's reps offered a $250,000 "donation" to the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency.--They're the ones whose investigation of Lance led to him losing his titles, not to mention MILLIONS in endorsements. --The head of the USADA says, quote, "It was a clear conflict of interest. We had no hesitation in rejecting that offer."
During Monday night's BCS title game between Alabama and Notre Dame, BRENT MUSBERGER spent a little too much time drooling over KATHERINE WEBB, the girlfriend of Alabama quarterback A.J. MCCARRON. --It was uncomfortable enough that ESPN actually apologized. A station rep Tweeted, quote, "We always try to capture interesting storylines and the relationship between an Auburn grad who is Miss Alabama and the current Alabama quarterback certainly met that test. --However, we apologize that the commentary in this instance went too far and Brent understands that."

1/8/13 Dina Lohan Causing Drama

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Tuesday, January 8, 2012
AL ROKER says he once pooped his pants . . . at the WHITE HOUSE. It was in 2002, a month after he underwent gastric bypass surgery. --He told "Dateline", quote, "I probably went off and ate something I wasn't supposed to. And as I'm walking to the press room, [I'm thinking] well, I gotta pass a little gas here. I'm walking by myself. Who's gonna know? --Only a little something extra came out. I pooped my pants. Not horribly, but enough that I knew." --So what did Al do about it? Probably what the rest of us would have done. He said, quote, "I was panicking, so I got to the restroom of the press room, threw out the underwear and just went commando." --He added, quote, "It told me that I've gotta be very vigilant as to what I eat."
DINA LOHAN has started the latest round of Lohan Family Feud, by claiming that her ex-husband MICHAEL LOHAN used to beat her up in front of a young LINDSAY. --She says, quote, "Lindsay saw her dad abuse me . . . that's why she's so screwed up. She saw a lot of crazy stuff. I want the world to know the root of her problems." --Dina also claims that Michael RAPED her in 1990. They were still married at the time, but estranged. --Michael is basically denying all this. And he says, quote, "She's bringing this up now because she's drinking and partying with Lindsay. And she keeps robbing Lindsay. She is the devil."
On "Nightline" last night, MARIAH CAREY confirmed that NICKI MINAJ threatened her on the set of "American Idol" . . . and she took it seriously enough that she hired extra security. She said, quote, "It felt like an unsafe work environment. Anytime anybody's reeling threats at somebody, you know, it's not appropriate." They've since made up . . . for now, at least.

1/7/13 Bieber Smoking Pot

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Monday, January 7, 2013
We're only a week into the year, but "Men's Health" magazine has already decided who the 100 Hottest Women of 2013 are. And at the top of their list is KATY PERRY.
--Here's the Top 10 . . .
#1.) Katy Perry
#2.) Mila Kunis
#3.) Christina Hendricks
#4.) Jennifer Lawrence
#5.) Jennifer Aniston
#6.) Scarlett Johansson
#7.) Angelina Jolie
#8.) Beyonce
#9.) Gisele Bundchen
#10.) Amber Heard
TMZ has posted some pictures that allegedly show JUSTIN BIEBER smoking pot in a California hotel room. They were taken last Wednesday. --A source says Justin's buddy, 19-year-old rapper LIL TWIST, was there, too. In fact, it was Twist and his brother who were rolling all the blunts. --Justin hasn't copped to smoking, but he did Tweet this after the pictures hit the web . . . quote, "Everyday growing and learning. Trying to be better. u get knocked down, u get up. --Back on tour tomorrow. Ready to see u all smile. Time to do what I'm supposed to be doing . . . performing."
Even with a court appearance in New York hanging over her head, Lindsay Lohan still managed to squeeze in some late-night partying 3000 miles away Saturday. --Lindsay hung out with friends at a London nightclub until the wee hours of the morning. That might make it hard for her to make her court date this morning where she'll learn if the Manhattan DA wants to pursue a case against her for allegedly assaulting a psychic in November. That, naturally, took place in a nightclub, too. --If Linds doesn't show up, a warrant could be issued for her arrest. And if the assault charges stick, she could be looking at a maximum of a year in city jail.

1/4/13 Brintey Spears is Loaded

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Friday, January 4, 2012
In case you're wondering ... Britney Spears is loaded. TMZ says the judge in Britney's conservatorship case issued an order which says just SOME of Britney's assets total more than $27 million ... and that's as of Jan 1, 2011.  She's also made a buck or two since then -- including $15 mil on "X Factor." --On top of that ... Britney has several trusts which are worth many millions of bucks and are not included in the judge's total.


There's no doubt that LeAnn Rimes likes to wear bikinis -- she wears one in practically every photo that hits the tabloids. Now, word is that LeAnn tips off the paparazzi to her whereabouts to insure that she's camera ready. A source says, quote “LeAnn wants good pictures out there. She wants to look good and she wants people to see how she looks happy with Eddie, that's why she does that.”
Lindsay Lohan promised she wouldn't party on New Year’s Eve. Of course, that promise was broken -- and now we know why. Turns out LiLo was paid at least $100,000 to ring in 2013 in London with Brunei’s Haji Abdul Azim. The prince is known for throwing wild, lavish bashes that include gift bags stuffed with expensive party favors like iPads and jewelry. --Lindsay, who claimed to be planning a quiet dinner at home on Monday night, allegedly had the bash on her schedule for a while. A source says, "Prince Azim not only flew her out; he put her up in a beautiful suite in the Dorchester for the weekend and following the party. Her mom, Dina, is also in London with her at the hotel and attended the party." --Prince Azim also reportedly paid Lionel Ritchie $250,000 to sing and Pamela Anderson $75,000 just to show up.
Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are starting the new year single. The on-again, off-again couple reportedly had a "nuclear argument" while in Mexico to celebrate New Year’s Eve and went their separate ways before ringing in 2013. A source tells the New York Daily News the two have yet to see each other since their fight.

1/3/13 Britney Spears Going Crazy

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Thursday, January 3, 2013
The world has been waiting years for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to tie the knot, and it seems as though they finally might have. The couple vacationed with their six children and Pitt's family to Turks and Caicos Islands, where it's being reported that they secretly tied the knot in a Christmas Day ceremony. Reportedly, Brangelina held the ceremony at the private Parrot Cay estate of Donna Karan.
The old Britney Spears is apparently back. Insiders say the Brit has been showing signs of her old, crazy behavior for months. A source tells the New York Daily News, quote "She shows up late, (to X Factor) she wanders around aimlessly, and she is in her own world. --Brit's latest downward spiral allegedly began months ago on the set of her perfume ad, where she made a bunch of strange requests. The source says, "First, she wanted the producers to fly Vanilla Ice in to duet with her, which was just weird. They called him and he wanted $500,000, so that wasn't going to work. Then, she demanded that exotic animals be flown in to be in the video and they had to tell her that that wasn't going to work for legal reasons and insurance reasons. She wanted to do her own makeup, and when she would get it done, she would just mess it up on top of what they did."
Katie Holmes reportedly has a new man in her life, and she has her former Dawson's Creek co-star Joshua Jackson to thank. According to reports, Katie has been secretly dating Jake Gyllenhaal. An insider says, "Josh has been the mastermind behind this romance. Katie says that they have tons in common, and Jake has already been to see her in [the Broadway play] Dead Accounts, plus she has been over to his apartment in [New York's] West Village for dinner."
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