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1/23/15 Will Ferrell Knocks Girl Out

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Friday, January 23, 2015
Patriots quarterback TOM BRADY and coach BILL BELICHICK once again denied any involvement in the so-called "DeflateGate" yesterday . . . and Brady's ball talk seemed particularly sexual, almost as if he was doing it on purpose.  There's still no official comment from the NFL.   
Will Ferrell was hauled out of last night's Lakers-Pelicans game in New Orleans after making a drunken spectacle of himself on the court and throwing a basketball at a cheerleader's face. But don't worry, it was all staged. The scene was being filmed for his new movie, Daddy's Home. At halftime of the game, a drunken Farrell was brought out onto the court to attempt a half-court shot. But instead of aiming for the basket, he threw the ball directly at a cheerleader's face. As her fellow cheerleaders rushed to her aid, security personnel tackled Ferrell and carried him away.
Amanda Bynes won't be prosecuted for DUI, but could still get jail time. TMZ says the L.A. City Attorney has decided not to prosecute Amanda for driving under the influence of Adderall because he "doesn't think he can sell the case to a jury because she had a relatively low level of the drug in her bloodstream." But that doesn't mean she's out of the woods. Amanda is on probation for a DUI conviction in 2012 and, as TMZ points, "driving with any Adderall in her system could constitute a probation violation." If the D.A. thinks it is a violation, Amanda could get thrown behind bars.

1/22/15 LiLo Hospitalized

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Thursday, January 22, 2015
We don't actually know if LEONARDO DICAPRIO and RIHANNA are actually a couple . . . but according to "In Touch" magazine, they are . . . and it's getting SERIOUS.  A source says she's actually taking him home to Barbados to meet her family . . . something she doesn't do with a guy unless, quote, "she really likes him."  The source adds, quote, "She's always thought he was cute.  She loves his look, his sweet smile and his little nose . . . The one thing that makes her weak every time she looks at him are his eyes.  That alone makes her knees tremble."  Rihanna is 26 . . . Leo is 40.
Lindsay Lohan was hospitalized in London this week with that rare virus she had contracted while on vacation in French Polynesia during Christmas. LiLo is still battling the illness and was admitted to the hospital earlier this week-- but was released yesterday after her fever broke.
Jennifer Aniston is finally ready to put those pregnancy rumors to rest -- by actually getting pregnant.  In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, she reveals that she and fiancé Justin Theroux are trying to start a family. Jen says, "Listen, that’s a topic that’s so exhausted. I get nervous around that, just because it’s very personal. Who knows if it’s going to happen? It’s been a want. We’re doing our best."

1/21/15 Bieber's Roast

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015
JENNIFER LOPEZ doesn't like that there's no term like "cougar" to describe
a man who dates younger women.  She says, quote, "I hate that they have a
label for a woman who would date a younger guy.  If a younger guy is
interested in you, what's the big deal?  What's the word for the man who's
after younger girls? . . . "There's just a little bit of an imbalance
there.  Not fair."
CHRIS HEMSWORTH says fame and fortune isn't all it's cracked up to be . .
. quote, "You get to Hollywood, you achieve something and then you
realize, '[Crap], it didn't actually bring me the happiness I thought it
was going to.  It didn't fix anything.'  Look, I mean I don't wake up,
look in the mirror and go, 'Yep, all is perfect.'"
  The subject of the next Comedy Central roast will be JUSTIN BIEBER.  And
he not only agreed to it . . . it was HIS IDEA.  A Comedy Central
executive joked, quote, "[He's] been asking us for a few years to roast
him.  We just kept telling him to go create more source material first. 
We're thrilled he listened."  The roast will tape next month and air
later this year.
Kim Kardashian tweeted out pictures of the jacket of her new book,
"Selfish", which is a collection of her favorite selfies... featuring LOTS
of Kim K. cleavage. The book is set to be released on April 28th, and it’s
described as having "many never-before-seen personal images from one of
the most recognizable and iconic celebrities in the world.” The publisher
also claims that Kim is "widely regarded as a trailblazer of the 'selfie
movement', who has mastered the art of taking flattering and highly
personal photos of herself.


1/20/15 Tiger loses tooth!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015
TIGER WOODS made a surprise appearance in Italy yesterday, where he
watched his girlfriend LINDSEY VONN win her record 63rd World Cup skiing
title.  But it was Tiger who ended up getting more attention. He was
keeping a low profile while in the crowd . . . by disguising himself as a
SKELETON.  Sort of.  He wore a stocking cap, sunglasses, and a mask with a
black and white skeleton print over his mouth. And that ended up being a
little ironic, because Tiger left with one less tooth than when he
arrived.  Someone's camera knocked out one of his FRONT TEETH, when
everyone was rushing to podium after Lindsey's win.
The rumor that BRUCE JENNER is becoming a woman is so pervasive it's
practically accepted as FACT at this point.  And KRIS JENNER isn't happy
about that. A source says, quote, "Kris has been pressuring Bruce to issue
a statement about ongoing sex change rumors, and she wants it to be a very
strong denial . . . But whenever the subject comes up, Bruce just shuts
her down. A source says, quote, "This is extremely sensitive for Bruce,
and it's his choice not to address it."

1/19/15 Nick & Mariah Divorcing

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Monday, January 19, 2015


NICK CANNON officially filed for divorce from MARIAH CAREY on December 12th, but the news just broke on Friday, along with a few other details. First of all, when they got together, Mariah was worth around $150 MILLION . . . while Nick brought less than $500,000 to the table. He's made several million since then, but at least some of that probably happened because he was Mr. Mariah Carey. We don't know how they settled things, but they did have a prenup. There's also a confidentiality clause. Mariah has to pay $500,000 if she violates it, while Nick only has to fork over 250K. Probably because he was worth so much less when it was written.


On "The View" Friday, guest host NAYA RIVERA fired some shots at JUSTIN BIEBER over his constant shirtlessness. She said, quote, "It's annoying. You look like a [D-bag]. Girls don't want to date guys that are constantly in a mirror. Like, stop. Go fix something in the house. That's hotter."


Lindsay Lohan,  who is famous for getting into many highly-publicized car accidents has a new gig ... as a TV pitchwoman for car insurance. Lindsay is shooting a commercial for Esurance, a subsidiary of Allstate, which gives you rates online or on the phone.  The ad might just run during the Super Bowl.

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