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11/25/13 Least Influential Celebs

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Monday, November 25, 2013


A man claims he was kidnapped just days before he was supposed to testify against another man who allegedly tried to extort CHARLIE SHEEN over a sex tape of Charlie's that was stolen from one of NICOLAS CAGE'S ex-girlfriends.  Police are investigating.


DENNIS RODMAN tops "GQ" magazine's list of the Least Influential Celebrities of 2013. Also making this year's list are MILEY CYRUS (6), PRESIDENT OBAMA (17) and PAULA DEEN (2).  Here's the Top 10. . .

1.  Dennis Rodman

2.  Paula Deen

3.  Anthony Weiner

4.  Justin Bieber

5.  Pope Benedict XVI

6.  Miley Cyrus

7.  Aaron Hernandez

8.  Royal baby Prince George

9.  George Zimmerman prosecutor Angela Corey

10.  Will Smith and family


MILEY CYRUS' house was robbed Friday, and some personal items were stolen.  She wasn't home at the time.  Meanwhile, her eyebrows are back, and she got a sweet, three-wheeled motorcycle from her dad for her 21st birthday on Saturday.


In a new interview, CONRAD MURRAY talks about how close he was to MICHAEL JACKSON . . . quote, "I held his penis every night to fit a catheter because he was incontinent at night.  He wore dark trousers all the time because after he went to the toilet he would drip for hours."  In a separate interview, he refused to answer when asked if Michael was a pedophile.


KIM KARDASHIAN wrote a message to her fans on eBay, to point out that a portion of her auction proceeds go to the relief effort in the Philippines.  But she didn't mention that it's only TEN PERCENT of the proceeds that are going to charity.  She's pocketing the other 90%.

11/12/13 What Celebs Earn

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Friday, November 22, 2013


MATT DAMON recently did a European ad for Nespresso with GEORGE CLOONEY.  Matt was onscreen for about 20 seconds, and he was paid $3 million.  That averages out to $150,000 PER SECOND. So what else could one second of Matt Damon's time get you?  How about a four-year degree from UCLA?

Here's what some other celebrities' time is worth . . .

BRITNEY SPEARS was paid $15 million to be a judge on "X Factor" last season.  She did 28 episodes, at 60-minutes each . . . giving her an hourly rate of $535,000. So just one hour of Britney's time could clothe KATE MIDDLETON, the Duchess of Cambridge, for over FIVE YEARS.  Kate's wardrobe costs about 100-grand a year.

RIHANNA made $98,000 by just sitting in the front row of a Karl Lagerfeld runway show . . . for 30 MINUTES.  So she made enough in those 30 minutes to buy three Mercedes coupes.

KHLOE KARDASHIAN makes $13,000 per sponsored Tweet.  That's $98 per character.  So one character in a Khloe Kardashian Tweet can buy you a dress and matching earrings from the Kardashian Kollection.


How convenient is this?  CHRIS BROWN knows of a drug that would be PERFECT for his anger management problems.  And it's called . . . MARIJUANA. Apparently, Chris had been taking medical marijuana for years, but a judge made him stop earlier this year and start taking more traditional antidepressants. But a source says, quote, "Those make Chris feel very numb and he felt that everything around him was fuzzy.  He felt dull and thirsty all the time."


HUGH JACKMAN was treated for SKIN CANCER on his nose.  He Tweeted, quote, "[My wife] said to get the mark on my nose checked.  Boy, was she right! I had a basil cell carcinoma.  Please don't be foolish like me.  Get yourself checked.  And USE sunscreen!!!"  Hugh didn't say how it was treated, but he posted a picture of his bandaged nose.


RODNEY DANGERFIELD'S widow keeps a Tupperware container full of his sweat in the fridge.  They started collecting it after hearing that a handkerchief with Elvis' sweat on it sold for a lot of money.  She says, quote, "Rodney had a 'eureka' moment.  He said, 'I sweat more than anybody!  My sweat has to be as good as Elvis' sweat, right?'"

11/21/13 Chris Brown Kicked Out of Rehab

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Thursday, November 21, 2013


Sources say that KIM KARDASHIAN dropped 80-GRAND on various procedures to lose her baby weight.  And KANYE WEST, whose mother died getting plastic surgery in 2007, has BANNED her from getting anything else done.  But Kim denies it.  She says, quote, "This is false . . . I work out so hard and this was such a challenge for me but I did it . . . no one will take this away from me with fake reports."


CHRIS BROWN didn't leave rehab willingly earlier this month.  He was KICKED OUT, after throwing a rock through the window of HIS MOTHER'S CAR. His mom was there for a family counseling session, and Chris got mad because she was trying to convince him to stay for extended anger management treatment.  So he freaked out and busted her car window. So Chris was hauled back into court yesterday, and the judge ordered him to enter a live-in anger management facility for 90 DAYS.  He'll have to be drug-tested while he's there.


"Life & Style" magazine says that LINDSAY LOHAN suffers from achondro-plasia-phobia . . . which is the FEAR OF LITTLE PEOPLE.  A so-called source say Lindsay had a major anxiety attack a few years ago when she saw two little people, and had to take a pill to calm herself down.  Lindsay's rep says this isn't true, and she, quote, "loves all people."


JENNIFER LAWRENCE did some OVER-SHARING on last night's "Letterman" about a medical problem she had recently.  She said, quote, "I just had this really bad pain for, like, three weeks.  And you know you can only [poop] your pants so many times a day before you go to the emergency room, before you're like 'I need to go to the hospital.'"

11/20/13 Adam Levine Sexiest Man Alive

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


ADAM LEVINE has been named "People" magazine's Sexiest Man Alive.  He says, quote, "As a musician, you have fantasies that you want to win Grammys, but I didn't really think that this was on the table."


KANYE WEST unveiled his new video "Bound2" on "Ellen" yesterday.  It's basically just Kanye having sex with a naked KIM KARDASHIAN on a motorcycle, as they "ride" past fake backdrops. And not surprisingly, the sexual chemistry is virtually non-existent . . . which COULD all be due to the fact that Kim has no acting skills whatsoever.


On "Ellen" yesterday, KANYE WEST explained what attracted him to KIM KARDASHIAN.  The fact that she has her own money was part of it. He said, quote, "[When] I was at my lowest moments I could get on the phone with her.  She would make me feel like I was here for a reason and I had something to say, and just support me through that. It's incredible to have a woman . . . that is not using you for money . . . because once you become like a multi-millionaire there's a certain type of women out there that they go for that, and they'll put on the whole act and everything."


There's nobody on Earth who COULDN'T have seen this coming:  Just two weeks after she turned 18, KENDALL JENNER showed off her boobies in a see-through top on Instagram.


Foot Locker has a funny new ad for their "Week of Greatness" promotion.  Apparently, the Week of Greatness is SO great, that the world just seems to right itself in a variety of ways. For instance, Mike Tyson gives Evander Holyfield his ear back, Dennis Rodman buys a ONE-WAY ticket to North Korea, NBA sideline reporter Craig Sager burns all his ridiculous suits, and Brett Favre learns how to WALK AWAY.


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s wine has received the honor of being named the best rose’ wine in the world by Wine Spectator. The Miraval rosé retails for $28 and came in at 84 on Wine Spectator's Top 100 Wines list of 2013, making it the top rosé on the globe.


11/19/13 Bieber's Wild Party

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


JUSTIN BIEBER'S party over the weekend included booze, pot and naked women.  Justin hired 20, quote, "big booty strippers".  Other women were taking their clothes off, too.  Celebrity guests included Snoop Dogg, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Chris Brown, T.I. and Trey Songz.  All the guests signed a $3 million confidentiality agreement though, so somebody might be in trouble.


A new toxicology report suggests Brittany Murphy was murdered. Brittany died in her home in December 2009, and at the time the coroner ruled that her death was caused by complications related to pneumonia and anemia. But her suspicious father, Angelo Bertolotti, recently ordered a new toxicology test and the new test reportedly detected the presence of 10 separate heavy metals in the 32-year-old's system — substances commonly associated with rat poison and insecticides. The lab report states, "The only logical explanation would be an exposure to these metals (toxins) administered by a third party perpetrator with likely criminal intent."


KANYE WEST thinks he's a genius . . . even though he can't necessarily spell the word.  He says, quote, "People get mad at me saying that I am a creative genius, but it's just obvious. It's, like, factual.  I would write creative genius when I go through the airport.  I would put that on customs [forms], where you put what your title is, except for two reasons:  it takes too long to write and sometimes I spell the word genius wrong."

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