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10/7/14 Amanda Bynes Engaged?

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014


BLAKE LIVELY and RYAN REYNOLDS are going to be parents. Blake announced it on her website Preserve, with a photo gallery of some kind of phony pregnant women picnic. There's no word how far along Blake is, but a source says she's, quote, "safely out of her first trimester."


MARIAH CAREY may have accused NICK CANNON of cheating on her during a show in Tokyo. She was singing the BILLIE HOLLIDAY classic "Don't Explain", which is about a cheating lover. And she changed the line, "And I know you cheat / Right or wrong, don't matter," to: "I know you cheated, mother[effer]."


AMANDA BYNES reportedly told "In Touch" magazine that she's engaged to a 19-year-old guy named Caleb, who works at a BAIT SHOP in Costa Mesa, California. She said, quote, "I am very needy for friendship and I hate men. I want to [eff] them, but I can now say I'm engaged . . . get away from me. I want to be married and I want to be away from people." She also said she hopes they settle in New York, because she'd rather ride a bike than drive, and in L.A., you need to drive. She said, quote, "I really do not enjoy driving. I don't like the way I look in a car. The lighting is very bad."


The British tabloids say George Clooney and Amal Almuddin are currently at a house in London that he bought for her as a wedding present. They want to raise a family there, and it sounds like that's exactly what they're trying to do as we speak. A source says, quote, "The fact they have barely left the house so far other than to walk the dog implies they're keen to get cracking."

10/6/14 Nick Hogan Nude Pics Leaked

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Monday, October 6, 2014

NICK HOGAN became the first male victim of the celebrity photo hacking scandal. His pics include shots of his own mom in a string bikini, a private male-part picture he claims isn't his and some nude ex-girlfriends. But he says some of those pictures were from his teen years, so the girls were underage at the time.


What do you get a guy like GEORGE CLOONEY as a wedding gift? According to BILL MURRAY, the answer is NOTHING. Because George and his new wife AMAL ALAMUDDIN didn't want anything. Meanwhile, sources say George and Amal are honeymooning in Seychelles, off the coast of Africa. At least they were. It's not clear if they're still there. In related news, "People" magazine says the wedding "only" cost $1.6 million. We'd initially heard it cost more than $4 million.


AMANDA BYNES was acting strange at an airport restaurant in L.A. Thursday night, putting on makeup at the table, talking to herself and acting, quote, "fidgety and really sloppy." Now she's in New York where she was spotted with a bandage on her cheek, and riding a bike.

10/3/14 Charlie Sheen Went Nuts

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Friday, October 3, 2014


They may have starred in one of the most iconic love stories of all time, but "Titanic" co-stars KATE WINSLET and LEONARDO DICAPRIO never played "Hoist the Mainsail" in real life.

Kate says, quote, "I think the reason that friendship works is because there was never any romantic thing. It's so disappointing for people to hear that, because in the soap opera of the Kate and Leo story we fell in love at first sight and had a million snogs, but actually we never did. He always saw me as one of the boys. I've never really been a girly-girl."


CHARLIE SHEEN is admitting that he went a little nuts at the dentist last week . . . but is denying a technician's claims that he was high on crack, punched her in the face and pulled a knife on the dentist. He says he had a bad "reaction" when the laughing gas was administered, because he was also on prescription medication at the time. Charlie's people say the woman fabricated the story because she's bitter about being fired after his visit, for violating privacy laws. She'd told her son that Charlie was in the office . . . and when the word got out, the dentist canned her. Charlie’s publicist says, quote, "It was just a bad interaction [of drugs]. There were no knife and illegal substances involved." Charlie admits that the bad reaction caused his "arms to flail," and that he accidentally knocked over the dental instruments on the tray . . . but that was it.


Lindsay Lohan is getting a stepmom and another sibling. Michael Lohan said that he is planning to marry pregnant fiancée Kate Major in November. Major was released from prison in late September.

10/2/14 Ashton & Mila Have Baby

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Thursday, October 2, 2014


ASHTON KUTCHER and MILA KUNIS are parents. Mila gave birth to a baby girl on Tuesday. There's no word on her name or any other details. Sources say they showed up at Cedars-Sinai at around 6:00 A.M. Tuesday, but Mila didn't deliver until sometime in the evening. Mila is 31, Ashton is 36. This is the first child for both of them.


JUSTIN BIEBER is in Paris for the city's annual Fashion Week, and on Tuesday night he may have punched a photographer. He and his people were trying to get through a crowd of paparazzi when he started letting his hands fly. Pictures have emerged of Justin appearing to slug one guy, and putting his hand on the throat of another. It's not clear if the punch actually landed.


TRACY MORGAN suffered a pretty serious head injury when a truck plowed into his limo back in June . . . and his recovery includes daily speech and cognitive therapy. It's so bad that Tracy's lawyer doesn't know if he'll ever perform again. He says, quote, "The jury's still out. The doctors don't know the answer. I don't know the answer." Tracy's still in a wheelchair. The paparazzi filmed him being wheeled into the hospital yesterday afternoon, and he looked and sounded a little off. TMZ says it's possible he may never walk again without assistance.


The "National Enquirer" claims BARBARA WALTERS' friends think she's suffering from SENILE DEMENTIA, because she's been experiencing "memory lapses." A source says she was supposed to appear on "The View" last month, but ABC put her in a taped segment instead, because they were, quote, "scared of what she'd say on live TV."


10/1/14 Michael Phelps Arrested

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014


GEORGE CLOONEY tells "People" magazine, quote, "My verdict on being Mr. and Mrs. Clooney? It feels pretty damn great." George sold the rights to his wedding photos to "People" and "Hello!", with the money going to charity. There's no word how much, though.


Some nude pictures of KIM KARDASHIAN were among the photos stolen and posted online this month, and they've reportedly caused a serious rift between her and KANYE WEST. The issue here is that he'd never SEEN those pictures before, so he figures she took them before they were together, for an ex-boyfriend. And he's JEALOUS.

He's also angry because it hurts his attempt to distance Kim from her porno star past and rebrand the two of them as a POWER COUPLE.


MICHAEL PHELPS is a world-class swimmer . . . and unfortunately, he's also getting pretty good at apologizing for DUI arrests.

According to the "Baltimore Sun", Michael was pulled over late Monday night, when a cop clocked him doing 84 in a 45 mile-per-hour zone. That's nearly twice the speed limit . . . and according to reports, his blood alcohol content was also at nearly twice the legal limit. Yesterday, Michael apologized, Tweeting, quote, "[I was] charged with DUI, excessive speeding and crossing double lane lines. I understand the severity of my actions and take full responsibility.


Sources are saying that the "stimulant" AMANDA BYNES was on when she got a DUI over the weekend was the ADD drug Adderall. Meanwhile, her parents have no control over her because the conservatorship they had ended earlier this month, and they don't have much contact with her.

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