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8/27/14 LiLo Prefers Women

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Remember that one time when LINDSAY LOHAN liked girls?  Well, apparently it was more than just that one time.  In fact, a "source" close to Lindsay says she'd rather be in relationships with women . . . although she still prefers to engage in sexual relations with a man.

The source says, quote, "She prefers to be with women any day over men.  Lindsay likes men for sex.  She is definitely open about this.  But when it comes to her romantic side, Lindsay loves women."


Celebrity Ice Bucket Challenge videos are kind of OVER, but this one is making chatter:  Because it's MATT DAMON, and he used TOILET WATER.  And not from the tank.  He took it from the BOWL. He did it because of the drought in California and, more importantly, because he co-founded Water.org, a charity dedicated to bringing clean drinking water to everyone around the world who needs it. And he said, quote, "Keep in mind that the water in our toilets in the West is actually cleaner than the water that most people in the developing world have access to."


39-year-old CHARLIZE THERON thinks it's CRAP the way we link beauty to youth.  She says, quote, "It's ironic that we've built the beauty world around 20-year-olds, when they have no [effin'] concept about wisdom, what life is about."


JUSTIN BIEBER was rear-ended by a paparazzi scumbag in West Hollywood yesterday.  And TMZ claims he purposely slammed on his brakes so the guy would hit him.  He later Tweeted, quote, "There should be laws against what I just experienced. We should have learned from the death of Princess Diana."


First Pamela Anderson married Rick Salomon in 2007. That lasted just two months. She considered divorcing him and ultimately annulled the marriage in 2008. Then she married him again this year, and quickly decided to end that marriage, too. Except, maybe not. Anderson has now filed paperwork asking a judge to dismiss her divorce filing. No word on why.


8/26/14 VMA Latest

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014


JENNIFER LOPEZ and CASPER SMART both attended the "VMAs" Sunday night, but the official word is they weren't together.  Casper was supposedly there to support NICKI MINAJ, because he did some choreography for her. But Casper WAS seated right in front of J-Lo, and at one point he even turned around to pour some SKITTLES into her hand.


BEYONCÉ and JAY Z were the picture of family harmony onstage at the "VMAs" Sunday night.  But the MediaTakeOut.com says things were NOT so harmonious behind the scenes. "Sources" say Beyoncé lit into Jay after finding out her sister SOLANGE was BANNED from her staging area.  It's not clear if it was Jay or MTV that banned her, but Jay was trying to calm her down, and she wasn't having it.


MILEY CYRUS had a homeless dude accept her award at the "VMAs" on Sunday . . . partially because of the backlash she got after last year's show.  In a radio interview yesterday, Miley said, quote, "I think people need to see this . . . at least, I know I did after last year . . . to remember what matters."

8/25/14 Nick/Mariah Split

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Monday, August 25, 2014


MARIAH CAREY isn't happy that NICK CANNON went public about their separation.  A source says, quote, "For her, it was the last straw.  She's done with him now.  It's no longer amicable.  Things are getting ugly."  Meanwhile, other sources say Nick is the one who left Mariah, because she's a wreck, and he's worried about how it's affecting the kids. The word is that he wanted to get out and establish a stable environment where the kids can go to escape Mariah's MADNESS . . . because it's already starting to mess them up.


GWYNETH PALTROW isn't bitter or jealous that CHRIS MARTIN has hooked up with JENNIFER LAWRENCE. A "source" says, quote, "She's very happy for Chris, that he has moved on and found someone else.  Their split has been remarkably amicable and they both just want the best for one another."


SHIA LABEOUF called 911 to report a stalker at his house . . . while said stalker was RIGHT THERE.  The woman was at Shia's door, so close to him that he even had interrupt the call to say, "Don't touch me!" The woman, 31-year-old Graciela Nahle, has been bugging Shia for a while.  She was arrested and pleaded no contest to trespassing.  She was sentenced to 45 days in jail, but was released after just four.


Quick update on JUSTIN BIEBER:  STILL A PUNK.  Justin got tired of sitting in L.A. traffic on Thursday, so he drove his three-wheeled Can Am Spyder motorcycle ON THE SIDEWALK. Justin is on probation for pelting his neighbor's house with eggs, so he could have gotten in real trouble for this if a cop was around.

8/15/14 Robin Williams Had Parkinson's

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Friday, August 15, 2014


Robin Williams wife, Susan, has made an official statement that sheds even more light on the actor's death. Susan said that Robin had kept up his sobriety but it was his issues with depression, anxiety and the beginning stages of Parkinson's disease that gave him troubles. Susan admitted Robin was not yet ready to go public with his Parkinson's diagnosis. Susan hopes that others struggling with similar issues have the strength to get the help they need to treat their battles. Meanwhile, Robin's rep said he was NOT having financial problems . . . adding, quote, "We should be blessed to have Robin's financial status."


Another Kardashian has entered the world of high fashion modeling -- and this one is still in diapers. Little North West has made her modeling debut with an appearance in the fall issue of the CR Fashion Book. North is part of the magazine’s "Legends" article, which celebrates the "unconventional side of fashion icon status." Kim posed for the publication when she was eight months pregnant.


KATY PERRY wishes she was better EDUCATED.  She says, quote, "I'm kind of bummed at this stage that I didn't have a great education because I could really use that these days."  She dropped out of high school during her freshman year . . . and before that, she was going from school to school because her family was always on the move.

8/14/14 Gwyneth Dating Again

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Thursday, August 14, 2014


Online trolls have forced Robin Williams’ daughter, Zelda, to shut down her social media accounts. Since her father’s sudden death, Zelda has been receiving hateful messages and altered photos of her father that are supposedly showing him after he died. She wrote on Instagram: “I will be leaving this account for a while I heal and decide if I’ll be deleting it or not. In this difficult time, please try to be respectful of the accounts of myself, my family and my friends.” She also asked that people not judge her by how many photos of her dad are on her pages, saying the real private moments they shared were “precious, quiet, and not full of photos or ‘selfies’.”


After CONSCIOUSLY UNCOUPLING from CHRIS MARTIN earlier this year, GWYNETH PALTROW may be consciously COUPLING again.  "Us Weekly" claims she's dating BRAD FALCHUK, one of the creators of "Glee". Gwyneth has appeared in five episodes of "Glee", starting back in 2010.  So obviously people are going to wonder if Gwyneth was coupling with him ON THE SIDE before she and Chris broke up just four months ago.


Allegedly, Miley Cyrus is the worst guest ever after she and her entourage caused chaos at a luxury New York hotel. According to the new issue of Life & Style, Miley and her friends were out of control in the lobby of the Greenwich Hotel when they arrived on the evening of August 2 ... after her Bangerz concert in Philadelphia. A source says, “It was like a tornado hit the lobby. Miley and her posse took over, screaming and carrying on so much that management received a number of complaints. Led by Miley, someone in the group was smoking pot, and they were swearing loudly and throwing themselves all over the expensive furniture.” When hotel employees asked Cyrus to dial down the ruckus, she flipped out, saying that, “she’s spent so much money there that they should be glad to have her”.

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