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7/6/14 Robert Downey Jr. is a Daddy

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Thursday, November 6, 2014


ROBERT DOWNEY JR. announced the arrival of his new daughter on Facebook, saying, quote, "After 9 months of intensive development, Team Downey is pleased to announce our 2014 fall / winter project . . . Avri Roel Downey joined the party at 3:22 A.M. on November 4th . . . and is accompanied by a variety of Susan's traits that have seemingly overwritten my 'junk DNA.'"


They grow up so fast. Kylie Jenner has just landed her very first lawsuit. The youngest of the Kardashian clan is being sued after she allegedly caused a three-car accident in August 2013 -- only two weeks after she'd turned 16. According to a witness, Kylie crashed her Mercedes G-Wagon into a Toyota that was stopped in traffic -- which caused the Toyota to hit a Subaru. The woman claims she hurt her neck and back, and she's suing Kylie for being a negligent driver.


The parents of Amanda Bynes are set to file legal documents-- handing over the conservatorship of Amanda to someone else. According to TMZ, Amanda will now be under the care of a mental health professional who specializes in handling people with severe mental illnesses. Her parents will ask the judge to transfer conservatorship powers to that person. Bynes' parents know they've struck out with Amanda and don't have what it takes to effectively control her. They're hoping once someone else controls Amanda's finances, she'll stop lashing out at them and they can have a relationship, even though it will be long distance.


11/5/14 Angelina Running for Office?

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014


So TOM CRUISE probably ISN'T dating LINDSAY LOHAN OR MIRANDA KERR . . . despite rumors that he might be seeing one or both of them. A "source" close to Miranda says, quote, "She laughed about this when she heard the rumors . . . Her main focuses are her child and her career at the moment." Meanwhile, Lindsay's rep denied the rumor . . . while Lindsay herself responded to it on Instagram with a "WTF!?!?!?!?" . . . which she later deleted.


BRITNEY SPEARS has a new boyfriend. His name is Charlie Ebersol, and he's the son of DICK EBERSOL . . . the guy who co-created "Saturday Night Live". A source says, quote, "They are both very happy and having fun. It's just the beginning so no idea if it will become serious but right now they are having a lot of fun together."


This story will make your day. The site Ranker.com has an ongoing poll set up, where they ask America: "Which Celebrity Do You Think Has the Lowest IQ?" At the moment, KIM KARDASHIAN is #1, so apparently we think she's the DUMBEST celebrity. KANYE WEST is second, followed by JUSTIN BIEBER.


In a new "Vanity Fair" interview, ANGELINA JOLIE says she's "open" to the possibility of running for office. But don't start making up the campaign posters just yet. She says, quote, "When you work as a humanitarian, you are conscious that politics have to be considered. Because if you really want to make an extreme change, then you have a responsibility." But she adds, quote, "I honestly don't know in what role I would be more useful . . . I am conscious of what I do for a living, and that [could] make it less possible." Elsewhere in the interview, Angelina admits that married life suits her. She says, quote, "It does feel different. It feels nice to be husband and wife."


11/4/14 Miley's Love Life

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014


MILEY CYRUS and PATRICK SCHWARZENEGGER are reportedly dating, although Patrick's family has been trying to talk him out of it. It isn't working though. Miley was spotted leaving Patrick's Los Angeles apartment on Friday afternoon.


WAYNE BRADY admits that he suffers from depression. And it got really bad this past June when he turned 42. He says, quote, "I was there, by myself, in my bedroom, and I had a complete breakdown. And when I say breakdown, just go ahead and imagine for yourself a brother in his underwear, in his room, crying."


Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle website Goop has debts of over $1 million. The balance sheet for the website’s 2013 accounts show the company's assets fell from $848,226 in 2012 to $752,210 the following year. And Goop has debts of $1,626,295 due to be paid in the coming year $1,155,330 in the previous 12-month period.


11/3/14 LiLo Dating Tom Cruise?

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Monday, November 3, 2014


This seems pretty far-fetched, but "OK!" magazine claims TOM CRUISE is having relations with LINDSAY LOHAN. They're both in London, and they supposedly exchanged numbers after meeting at a club. A source says, quote, "Lindsay has been craving the security and sophistication that comes with dating an older man . . . She's head over heels." In addition to physical, Lindsay also hopes hooking up with Tom will revitalize her career. And Tom hopes Lindsay will, quote, "help him relax and have more fun." Meanwhile, the British tabloids say Tom is actually making time with ORLANDO BLOOM's ex-girlfriend MIRANDA KERR. A source says they've been meeting up secretly and will go public soon.


This totally sounds like a hoax story for Halloween, but a British singer named KATIE MELUA recently went to the doctor because of a scratching noise in her head . . . and found she had a SPIDER living in her ear. It was a jumping spider, and it had been in there for a WEEK. They think it might have crawled in off a pair of headphones she used on a flight . . . an ear specialist used a suction device to get it out.

10/31/14 Amanda Bynes Released

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Friday, October 31, 2014


Don’t be fooled this Halloween if you see somebody dressed as “Amanda Bynes.” It may be the real deal. Last night, Amanda was released from the psychiatric facility near Los Angeles. It took her no time to reach the heart of Hollywood.  The paparazzi snapped photos of Amanda walking Sunset Boulevard, acting as if she was on the phone. TMZ reports she was "talking to herself." A witness reported she was famished and devoured “fried chicken, salmon, and a caesar salad with guacamole.” Earlier in the day, Amanda requested a release from her “involuntary psychiatric hold.” And an unnamed official determined that Amanda has stabilized under professional care and regular meds.


Nobody will admit that BRUCE JENNER is on the way to becoming a woman . . . but the evidence is mounting that at the very least, he's been exploring his feminine side. And that's fine. Although maybe not for everyone. . . Friends say KRIS JENNER is EMBARRASSED by the whole thing, and that's why she didn't join her five daughters in celebrating Bruce's 65th birthday earlier this week. A source says, quote, "Kris was very upset that Bruce was photographed on his birthday wearing pink nail polish. It's embarrassing for her. That is the reason why Kris wasn't there."


KIM KARDASHIAN may have accidentally announced that she's pregnant again. During an interview with a British fashion blog, she was asked what kind of clothes she wore when she was pregnant with her daughter North. She said, quote, "I wore my regular clothes and I would just buy a size up. I don't know if I would necessarily do that this time around . . . Pregnancy style is hard."


KALEY CUOCO has learned something after being caught up in that nude photo hacking scandal: Downgrade your technology. She joked, quote, "I've now taken to Polaroid cameras, so I just carry a big Polaroid around my neck, self-aroid, that's what I do now. No one can get those. Polaroid cameras, that's the way to go."

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