8/14/13 Celebrity Pre-Fame Jobs

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013
JENNIFER GARNER says she purposely goes to events without BEN AFFLECK so she doesn't lose her own identity. She tells "Allure" magazine, quote, "It's a very conscious decision . . . I think especially for women, they can really lose their identity and just become 'wife of'." She also says she's afraid of Botox because she has a big forehead.
A new list of celebrities and their pre-fame jobs tells us that Sean Connery was a milkman, Kanye West worked at the Gap, Whoopi Goldberg was a phone sex operator, Ellen DeGeneres was an oyster shucker, Sylvester Stallone was Lion cage cleaner at the Central Park Zoo and Jon Hamm was Porn movie set designer.
Reportedly, Lindsay Lohan developed an online shopping addiction in rehab and spent $5,000 a day. A former patient who attended rehab with Lindsay, said she would shop online all day and it was like an addiction. The source says she would drop $5,000 a day, mostly on clothes. And the constant stream of boxers and packages to the gates of the rehab center annoyed the staff, and residents.
With baby North West here, Kim and Kanye are busy planning their next media event -- a wedding. Us Weekly says, quote, "They've been discussing marriage for a while. A wedding is in the works." And in keeping with their lavish lifestyle, it's going to be big.