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2/12/15 Latest on Bobbi Kristina

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Thursday, February 12, 2015
KIM KARDASHIAN has graduated from the Brian Williams School of Journalism.  At least I'm assuming she did . . . based on the "creative" version of her own history she delivers in the new issue of "Love" magazine. You see, Kim calls her sex tape with RAY J her, quote, "one regret in life."  But then she adds, quote, "Maybe that's how some people heard about me but I didn't launch my career off of that." In other words, Kim thinks we started paying attention to her for some OTHER reason.  And we thought Kanye was the delusional one.
Here's an uplifting Valentine's Day message from one of the great romantic comedy stars of our time, HUGH GRANT . . . He tells "People" magazine, quote, "I'm not really a believer in marriage.  I've seen very few good examples, maybe five, in my life, but I think otherwise it's a RECIPE FOR MUTUAL MISERY."  Hugh has never been married, but he has three kids with two different women.
A week before Bobbi Kristina Brown was found unresponsive in a bathtub, a neighbor reported a domestic dispute at her Atlanta home. The 911 call was made by a security guard at the upscale gated complex where Brown lived with her boyfriend Nick Gordon. The guard said people were fighting outside Bobbi Kristina's property, "hitting each other and swinging." However, the guard didn't know the identities or descriptions of the people involved. Meanwhile, the Roswell PD has confirmed to Us Weekly that Bobbi Kristina's case is being treated as a criminal investigation. Boyfriend Nick Gordon is reportedly at the center of it after injuries to Bobbi Kristina's face and mouth caught the attention of authorities.

2/11/15 Brian Williams Suspended

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015
TOM BRADY says waking up next to GISELE BUNDCHEN after winning the Super Bowl was "pretty special."  But the two times he LOST the Super Bowl, he says, quote, "I was like, 'The game's today, right?  What I just had was a nightmare, right?'"
OK! magazine says Rihanna and Leonardo Dicaprio have already called it quits. They says Leo was spotted making out with a new blonde just the other night.
"OK!" magazine says JESSICA SIMPSON is obsessed with clipping coupons . . . because she's terrified of GOING BROKE. Supposedly, Jessica has become a, quote, "serious penny-pincher."  An "insider" says, quote, "The money that [she's] made from her fashion lines has her set for life financially, but she still has a crazy fear of going broke. Jessica hates going to the store without coupons, and it drives her husband Eric insane . . . [and] her friends' birthdays or holidays, she just gives them pieces from her clothing line."  For what it's worth, CelebrityNetWorth.com says Jessica is worth $150 MILLION.
NBC News isn't canning BRIAN WILLIAMS, but they are suspending him for SIX MONTHS without pay, effective immediately.  LESTER HOLT will continue filling in for him.  An NBC News executive said, quote, "We believe this is the appropriate and proportionate action."

2/10/15 Latest on Bobbi Kristina

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015
The 27-year-old woman who was supposed to marry CHARLES MANSON supposedly only wanted to do it so she could get his remains after he dies, and that's why the wedding is off.  A guy who's writing a book about Manson claims the woman and a friend wanted to display his body in a glass coffin to make money. He also says Manson thinks this is a stupid idea because, quote, "He feels he will never die." Manson is 80.
Like a lot of moms, SCARLETT JOHANSSON had an idea what it would be like when her daughter Rose was born.  An idea that didn't quite match the reality. She tells "W" magazine, quote, "When she came out of me I was so surprised.  I had a very strong picture in my mind of what my baby would look like, and, of course, she is completely different.  Perfect, but not what I'd imagined."
We heard BRUCE JENNER probably won't be charged over that fatal accident in Malibu over the weekend.  But that might not be the case.  TMZ says Bruce might have been following the car ahead of him too closely. And since the elderly woman driving that car was killed, it's possible he could get hit with misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter.  Even if he's not, the woman's family could go after him in civil court.
Bobbi Kristina Brown suffered injuries to her face and mouth before she was found unconscious in a bathtub, according to TMZ. And that led officials to investigate her boyfriend Nick Gordon. TMZ says there was a history of violence in their relationship and that their friend Max Lomas -- who discovered Bobbi Kristina's body -- told police Nick was "acting strange" before the incident.

2/9/15 Bruce Jenner in Deadly Accident

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Monday, February 9, 2015
ROBYN LAWLEY has been called the "first plus size model" to be featured in the "Sports Illustrated" Swimsuit Issue.  But at 6-foot-2 and a size 12, she isn't happy with that label. She says it's "ludicrous" to call her plus size, but adds, quote, "On the runway [the models are] mainly a size 0 to a size 4, and I am like triple the size of these girls."
BRUCE JENNER was involved in a four-vehicle accident that killed one person in Malibu on Saturday.  Bruce rear-ended a car after it crashed into the car in front of it.  Unfortunately, Bruce pushed the car in front of him into the opposite lane of traffic, killing the 70-year-old woman who was driving it.  It doesn't sound like he was at fault, though. Jenner was given a field sobriety test, which he passed.  He was also taken to a nearby hospital and given a blood test.  As far as we know, he wasn't under the influence, and actually volunteered for the blood test. There were some reports that he was TEXTING at the time of the accident, but there are pictures that show he was probably SMOKING.  Police planned to check his phone records just to be sure.
The condition of WHITNEY HOUSTON'S 21-year-old daughter BOBBI KRISTINA didn't improve over the weekend, but CNN says police are investigating her husband, Nick Gordon. They're trying to find out how she ended up face-down in the tub, and if any foul play was involved.  Apparently there are unexplained injuries on her body. Meanwhile, BOBBY BROWN'S family got into a brawl at a nearby hotel on Thursday night, after his 46th birthday party.  We have no idea why Bobby is having birthday parties at a time like this.
BRIAN WILLIAMS is stepping away from the "NBC Nightly News", after he admitted to embellishing his account of a 2003 helicopter mission over Iraq.  Brian says he's going to take off "the next several days," and Lester Holt will replace him.  He also canceled an upcoming guest spot on "Letterman".

2/6/14 Plus-Sized Model in SI

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Friday, February 6, 2015
The big buzz with this year's "Sports Illustrated" Swimsuit Issue is that they are featuring a plus size model in the magazine. Her name is ROBYN LAWLEY.  She's 25, Australian, and about a size 10.  She's one of this year's "rookies". Although she really doesn't look plus size.   
The website FunnyOrDie.com put together a fake JOHNNY DEPP bachelor party invite, with an itinerary that includes such activities as a "Jaunty Men's Dance" and a "Leather bracelet seminar featuring Anthony Keidis and Orlando Bloom." Johnny and AMBER HEARD are reportedly getting hitched in the Bahamas this weekend . . . although sources say they got legally married at their home in L.A. earlier this week.
BOBBY BROWN was asked how his daughter BOBBI KRISTINA BROWN is doing, and he said, quote, "She's good.  We're praying."  There have been conflicting reports about her condition, but several websites are reporting that the situation is pretty dire . . . and that even if Bobbi Kristina lives through this, she won't be back to her old self. Also there are reports that the family is just waiting for WHITNEY HOUSTON's mother CISSY to get to Georgia to see Bobbi Kristina before they pull the plug.  
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