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5/8/14 Kim & Kanye Wedding Shocker

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Thursday, May 8, 2014


KIM KARDASHIAN dropped what could probably be considered a BOMBSHELL on Twitter yesterday, when she revealed that she and KANYE WEST are NOT filming their wedding for "Keeping Up With the Kardashians". She said, quote, "You will see everything leading up til & after.  As much as we would love to share these memories on camera, we've decided to keep this close to our heart & share thru photos." --Let's be honest here:  This was 100% Kanye's call.  The part about "as much as we would love to share these memories on camera" is the giveaway.  By "we", she probably means her, her sisters and her mom. You know darn well THEY wanted the ceremony to air on E! . . . and E! wanted the ceremony to air on E! just like her last one did.


Meanwhile, KIM and KANYE were being interviewed by a guy at Monday's Met Gala . . . and the dude picked his nose.  Then he started touching Kanye's tux.  And the whole thing was caught on video.  Did he put a booger on Kanye?  I'd like to think so.


During one of her recent London shows, MILEY CYRUS started sermonizing about how pot is better than tobacco.  She admitted that she loves cigarettes, but had to quit smoking because it "slowly started to kill" her.  And she added, that once she switched to pot, quote, "I could get any guy and girl to [effin'] make out with me because my breath smelled so nice."


MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY and ANNE HATHAWAY play LOVERS in the upcoming sci-fi movie "Interstellar", but supposedly he couldn't stand her on the set.  A "source" says, quote, "They were like oil and water . . . Anne drove Matthew crazy by constantly asking questions about space travel and life on other planets."

5/6/14 Stars with Herpes

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Raker.com has put out a list of 52 celebrities who allegedly have herpes and they include . . . well . . . everybody.  Like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian, David and Victoria Beckham, Rihanna and Chris Brown, Brad Pitt, President Clinton, and Derek Jeter, who is rumored to have given it to Jessica Alba, Mariah Carey, Alyssa Milano, Jessica Biel, Scarlett Johansson and Vanessa Minnillo.


Nearly five months after Khloé Kardashian filed for divorce from Lamar Odom, she’s still a married woman. RadarOnline says Khloe is telling people that it’s entirely his fault — because he hasn’t filed a response in their divorce! The split could have been an easy process since the two have a pre-nup, but a source says, “Lamar hasn’t been returning phone calls and text messages from Khloé regarding the divorce. And He’s is disappearing for days at a time again, and hanging out with ‘shady’ people.” –Other sources say he’s not responding to the divorce in hopes of a reconciliation.

5/5/14 Ben Affleck Banned From Casino

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Monday, May 5, 2014


KATE UPTON would like us to know that SHE HAS A BUTT, too. In a behind-the-scenes video from a recent "Sports Illustrated" shoot, Kate sings the praises of one particular bikini, because it complements that part of her anatomy. She says, quote, "You know what, my butt doesn't get that much attention, so I think this shot will get it the attention it deserves."


BEN AFFLECK has allegedly been banned from playing blackjack at Las Vegas' Hard Rock Casino because security caught him counting cards.  Ben hasn't commented . . . and in a vaguely worded statement, the casino said, quote, "[He's] not banned from our property, and is welcome back any time."


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are allegedly married. They tied the knot in a private ceremony in Los Angeles over the weekend after getting their marriage license last week. The secret ceremony won't be Kim and Kanye’s only wedding, because they’re planning a lavish event in Paris later on May 24th in front of all their family and famous friends. They were reportedly forced to legally marry in California before their Paris event because French law requires a strict 40-day residency to get married in the country. A source says that for their big wedding, guests will get goodie bags that include $500 bottles of champagne, handmade trinkets made of Swarovski crystals, and more.

5/2/14 Hugh Jackman Almost Castrated

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Friday, May 2, 2014


In "The Wolverine", HUGH JACKMAN had to film a nude scene . . . with his CLAWS OUT.  I don't think I have to explain the potential castration hazard involved in that.  And yes, it almost happened. On a British talk show recently, Hugh said, quote, "There was a very intense first scene and I insisted on a closed set.  I ran round the corner and all the female members of the crew were gathered there. I tried to cover myself and cut my inner thigh . . . it was just the inner thigh thankfully!  The metal claws had to go . . . you can't have bits and pieces flying off."


It's a little hypocritical to praise JUSTIN BIEBER for being a wise-butt when we're usually tearing him a new one for it.  But if this is true, we kind of have to give him some props this one time. The "Toronto Star" says that Justin ran into Toronto Mayor ROB FORD at a club called Muzik over St. Patrick's Day weekend.  Ford went to shake Justin's hand, and Justin asked him, quote, "Did you bring any crack to smoke?" A source says Ford was ENRAGED by the question.


In his new memoir, JASON PRIESTLEY talks about being BRAD PITT'S roommate 25-plus years ago, when they were both struggling actors.  And he says, quote, "Just for fun, we used to have competitions over who could go the longest without showering or shaving.  Brad always won."


Jennifer Lawrence has been named the sexiest woman in the world by FHM magazine. Editor Dan Jude said it was no contest. "She’s run away with the title this year and it’s no great surprise." British actress Michelle Keegan was second, followed by Rihanna, model Emily Ratajkowski and Kaley Cuoco.


5/1/14 LiLo Drama

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Thursday, May 1, 2014


OPRAH WINFREY'S rep has CONFIRMED that she is kicking around the idea of buying the L.A. Clippers from DONALD STERLING.  The rep said, quote, "[Oprah is] in discussions with David Geffen and Larry Ellison to make a bid for the Clippers should the team become available."


Reportedly, George Clooney proposed to Amal Alamuddin after cooking her a meal at his home in LA. Clooney got down on bended knee last week after cooking a romantic dinner at his mansion in Studio City, and presented Alamuddin with a 7-carat ring that he personally designed. Also, Clooney hopes they can marry in just a few months, even as early as the beginning of September.


James Franco says he did NOT have sex Lindsay Lohan. But he admits, "We maybe kissed, it was lame." Franco said in an interview quote, "I bet you if we brought her in here and you asked her to her face ‘Did you have sex with James?' she'd say 'Yes'. I will swear on my mother’s life that I never had sex with her. I can't believe she put me on that private list. She's so delusional!" Franco went on to say that Lohan actually snuck into his room one night -- uninvited -- while they were both staying at the Chateau Marmont.


The married man with kids Lindsay Lohan allegedly said she was dating is Spanish artist Domingo Zapata. In an interview in Kode magazine, LiLo said she was dating a married man who had children.  Her rep said Lindsay never said that and it was made up by the magazine. But now sources say that person is actually the 39-year-old artist. Zapata separated from wife in 2007 but they are still married and have two kids together. The sources say he is totally in love with Lohan.... and he’s been a shoulder for her to cry on.


We all remember JENNIFER LAWRENCE wiping out on the red carpet at this year's Oscars.  She said she tripped over a CONE . . . but that's not the only reason she fell.  It turns out she was HAMMERED. Jennifer taped an interview for "Late Night With Seth Meyers" recently, in which she admitted she got wrecked.  She was so bad, she puked on the stairs at MADONNA'S after-party. MILEY CYRUS just happened to be walking by, and she told Jennifer, quote, "Get it together, girl."


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