7/30/14 Bloom & Bieber Brawl

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Everybody thinks JENNIFER LAWRENCE is so sweet and real and down-to-Earth.  But what if it's all just an act? Sources say NICHOLAS HOULT broke up with JENNIFER LAWRENCE because her ego is getting out of control . . . quote, "Nicholas is moving on.  He hates how in love with fame Jen is, and he told her he hates dating an A-list actress . . . Nic wants a more low-key girlfriend."


ORLANDO BLOOM and JUSTIN BIEBER almost mixed it up at a restaurant in Ibiza, Spain yesterday. Witnesses say it started when Justin PURPOSELY bumped into Orlando.  Orlando then went after him and even THREW A PUNCH, which missed . . . after which Justin yelled, quote, "What's up, [B-word]?" There was a brief confrontation, then Justin left . . . and the crowd applauded.

The bad blood between Orlando and Justin is no doubt FEMALE-INDUCED.  Back in 2012, Justin and Orlando's then-wife MIRANDA KERR hung out backstage at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, where Justin performed. And there were rumors that they did more than just hang out.  And earlier this year, Orlando was spotted a few different times hanging out with SELENA GOMEZ.


Zac Efron says he turned to drugs and alcohol to help him deal with feeling anxious from dealing with the paparazzi. Zac said, “The challenging part was never the work- that was never it. It was sort of the in-between work. I mean, everywhere you go to a certain extent there is press in some form. You spend a lot of time in your house going crazy.”