7/26/13 Amanda Bynes Latest

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Friday, July 26, 2013
Here's the latest on AMANDA BYNES, in a nutshell: Amanda's doctors are extending her hospital stay for TWO WEEKS, saying they need that much time to properly diagnose her. TMZ says doctors believe she's suffering from SEVERE mental illness, and they've even noticed schizophrenic tendencies. They say she can go through long periods of lucidity, but she can also slip right back into CRAZY. But on the plus side, she tested NEGATIVE for all drugs, except marijuana. However, RadarOnline.com says Amanda has been taking Adderall for years. It's supposedly for ADHD, but the REAL reason she takes it is for weight loss . . . and it's doing nothing but adding to her paranoia. She's been asking for it in the hospital, but doctors won't give it to her. Yesterday, Amanda's parents filed for a conservatorship.
In the past few months, JUSTIN BIEBER has been accused of spitting on both his neighbor and a club DJ. And now Justin's saliva is back in the news. Yesterday in Toronto, Justin was hanging out on a hotel balcony with friends . . . and spitting over it. It's not clear who or what was below him at the time he was spitting, but it seems like there were fans hanging out down there all day.
O.J. SIMPSON went before a parole board yesterday to ask for leniency. He said he's been a model prisoner, and added that the difference between his crime and that of the other inmates is that, quote, "They were trying to steal other people's money. My crime was trying to retrieve for my family my own property."
MILEY CYRUS may have to grow her hair long again just to be different, because she claims everyone's been COPYING her since she cut it. She says, quote, "I just always want to be different. Everyone else has cut their hair to look just like me, so now I got to do something different. I don't like when you walk in and you see a bunch of other yous."
OPRAH WINFREY has announced that her post-rehab interview with LINDSAY LOHAN will air on Sunday, August 18th. It'll be an episode in her "Oprah's Next Chapter" series on her cable network, OWN.