6/24/13 Kim & Kanye Getting Hitched?

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Monday, June 24, 2013
On Friday, the Food Network FIRED PAULA DEEN after it became public that she admitted during a court deposition that she's used the N-word. Earlier in the day, Paula backed out of an appearance on the "Today Show" and issued two bizarre apology videos that didn't do her public image any favors.
There are reports that JAMES GANDOLFINI downed at least eight alcoholic drinks on the night he died, and was eating like a pig. But his rep says the autopsy report doesn't show that. Meanwhile, Gandolfini's body is being flown back from Italy today, and his funeral will take place Thursday in New York City.
A doctor in the MICHAEL JACKSON wrongful death trial testified that Michael may have gone 60 days without any real sleep leading up to his death. That's because he was taking propofol, which knocks you out, but deprives your body of the sleep cycles it needs. He noted that lab rats die in about FIVE WEEKS under similar conditions.
Lindsay Lohan could be in rehab longer than the court ordered. --The CEO of the rehab facility where Lindsay is currently staying says some celebrities are treatment resistant… meaning, they have been to rehab several times but have not gotten better. He says these people often need longer stints in treatment than the average.
Now that their baby has arrived, are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West ready to get hitched? According to unconfirmed reports in The Sun, Kanye has popped the question and the couple is planning a September wedding in Paris. Kanye hasn't given Kim an engagement ring yet, but he reportedly handed her a rare black diamond to commemorate the birth of their daughter. According to VH1, Kanye may have been persuaded to pop the question after speaking to Jay-Z, who told him being married and having a family is more fulfilling than being just a baby daddy.