5/21/14 Clooney's Best-Man

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014


The not-always-reliable British tabloids say that GEORGE CLOONEY has chosen MATT DAMON to be his best man . . . rather than BRAD PITT. A source says, quote, "A lot of people thought Brad was a certainty to be George's best man because they have been such good friends for years.  But he is probably even closer to Matt. Brad took the news with good grace . . . but he did say he'd heckle Matt during his speech.''


KIM KARDASHIAN'S last-minute wedding preparations include a $550 STEM CELL FACIAL.  Don't worry . . . no unborn babies were harmed.  These were VEGAN stem cells from a marine plant.  They're supposed to firm and lift the skin. Also, still no official word whether Kim and KANYE WEST are getting married in Paris or Florence, by the way.  But a British tabloid says LANA DEL REY has agreed to perform.  Kanye wanted her to perform at the proposal, but she turned him down.


Last month, KHLOE and KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN got CONFETTI-BOMBED by some weird dude named Richie the Barber.  He's an actual barber, but he also juggles and rides a unicycle.  And he has clown makeup TATTOOED on his face. Well, the girls reported the incident to police, who basically laughed it off.  But a few days ago they called the cops to follow up, and said they want BATTERY charges pressed against Richie.  Sources say that's not likely to happen.


This probably isn't true, but Radar Online says WILL SMITH and JADA PINKETT are being investigated by Child Protective Services over that picture of their daughter WILLOW on a bed with a shirtless, 20-year-old guy.