4/7/14 Rihanna Preggers?

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Monday, April 7, 2014


There’s a website out there that claims RIHANNA is pregnant . . . and the baby could be either DRAKE'S or CHRIS BROWN'S.  There's a photo where it looks like Rihanna might have a slight baby bump.  In the photo of the alleged baby bump, Rihanna is at a Starbucks with her dad.  And "sources" say she got a DECAFFEINATED tea.

Also, sources say she has given up drinking AND smoking pot and cigarettes.


More personal photos of DEMI LOVATO have hit the Internet.  In some, she's in bed with then-boyfriend WILMER VALDERRAMA.  In others, she's naked.  Demi Tweeted a picture of herself in boxing gloves, along with a Spanish phrase that means, quote, "I am strong.  I am a fighter.  Do not underestimate me."


SNOOKI and her fiancé JIONNI LAVALLE are expecting their second child.  Snooki announced it Friday, adding, quote, "Now knowing that our test results are good and our baby is healthy, we can finally talk about it."


Justin Bieber is wearing out his welcome at home, too.  Someone from Justin’s hometown RIPPED into him online, for acting like a punk during a recent visit to his local Walmart.  He saw Justin and around 30 friends shining flashlights into young girls' faces . . . bouncing balls . . . throwing things . . . opening food . . . and harassing employees.


Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, took part in a spiritual healing ceremony while vacationing in the Bahamas last week. A friend close of the former couple claimed they took part in a beach ritual performed by a Kabbalah Rabbi on what they called their “break-up moon.” During the service, they read from a sacred Kabbalah book, lit a fire, used stones to symbolize their continuing concrete relationship and threw pebbles into the sea to represent their “wandering spirits.” They then read out: “Blessed are you in coming in and blessed are you in going out,” before sharing a parting kiss.