4/12/13 Betty White Most Appealing Celeb

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Friday, April 12, 2013
GWYNETH PALTROW . . . a.k.a. The Most Hated Celebrity in Hollywood . . . has just one guilty pleasure. She tells "Harper's Bazaar" that it's, quote, "My one light American Spirit [cigarette] that I smoke once a week, on Saturday night." Gwyneth also admits she gets a little work done on her face, but she'll never try Botox again . . . quote, "I use organic products, but I get lasers. It's what makes life interesting, finding the balance between cigarettes and tofu.
LINDSAY LOHAN got a TSA pat-down after setting off a metal detector at JFK Airport in New York City yesterday. They didn't find anything. --Meanwhile . . . Lindsay showed up late to the "Scary Movie 5" premiere. Not surprisingly.
Amanda Bynes has cut off her family. She tweeted, quote, “I don't speak to my parents anymore, they don't talk to reporters on my behalf. Don't believe anything you read about me unless I tweet it.”
Betty White is America's most appealing celebrity. The 91-year-old narrowly beat Sandra Bullock and Tom Hanks to take the top spot on the list.