4/10/14 Amber Heard Pregnant?

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Thursday, April 10, 2014


SHIA LABEOUF did a good deed this week, when he left a restaurant to give a homeless guy in a wheelchair some lunch.  A "source" says Shia shook his hand, said 'God bless you,' and came back to finish his food.


AMANDA BYNES seemed OUT OF HER MIND for a while, but apparently her insanity is a thing of the past . . . or so her people would have you believe. Her lawyer says Amanda hasn't commented about what's going on with her, because she wants to, quote, "keep her mental health diagnosis private." She adds, quote, "However, Amanda asked me to dispel certain rumors.  For the record, she does not have schizophrenia, nor has she ever been diagnosed with it.  Amanda currently is on zero medication. She has never had a history of abusing alcohol or hard drugs, and she's proud to say she's been marijuana-free for the past nine months."


LINDSAY LOHAN was on "Letterman" last night . . . and during her interview, she and Dave prank called OPRAH WINFREY.  It wasn't much of a "prank call," but Dave did pretend to be Lindsay's secretary at first. It's unclear how much of it was planned, but Oprah DID seem surprised.  When Dave asked Oprah how Lindsay was doing, she didn't have a ringing endorsement.  She said, quote, "I think she's doing really OK . . .


Coldplay’s Chris Martin thinks his estranged wife Gwyneth Paltrow is spreading cheating rumors about him. A source told RadarOnline: “Chris now believes that Gwyneth is leaking rumors about his alleged trysts in an effort to smear his image and make him look less sympathetic. Gwyn is so angry that she’s threatening to turn the divorce ugly, saying she’s going to squeeze spousal support out of Chris, despite her multi-million dollar fortune.” The couple is worth $280 million but the source says Gwyneth could take Chris for an extra $25 million!


Amber Heard and Johnny Depp recently confirmed their engagement, and according to the actress' ex-boyfriend....  she is expecting her first child. Her ex, actor Mark Wystrach, said, "She's pregnant already! I saw her three weeks ago. Amber and I dated years ago but we are still close." This would be the first child for 27-year-old Amber while 50-year-old Depp has a 14-year-old daughter and an 11-year-old son with his former partner, Vanessa Paradis.