3/3/14 George Lopez Arrested

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Monday, March 3, 2014


ROBIN THICKE is taking his case to the people.  He told his audience in Fairfax, Virginia the other night, quote, "For y'all that don't know, me and my wife separated . . . but I'm trying to get my girl back . . . She's a good woman." Then he sang "Lost Without U" for her.


A film that supposedly shows a THREE-WAY between JOHN F. KENNEDY, BOBBY KENNEDY and MARILYN MONROE is hitting the auction block tomorrow. The film is more than 50 years old, and a collector acquired it in the 1980s.  But he sat on out of respect for Marilyn's ex-husband JOE DIMAGGIO, who was a friend of his.  DiMaggio died in 1999. The tape was seized from the guy because of a $200,000 court judgment against him.  The only way he can stop the auction is by coming up with the 200-grand.  We should note that at this point, nobody seems to have concrete proof that this film is legit.


GEORGE LOPEZ got hammered at a Canadian casino last Thursday, and was arrested for public intoxication after passing out on the floor.  No charges were filed against him.  George later joked, quote, "I just did in Windsor, what JUSTIN BIEBER does in America."


PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN'S autopsy report is out, and as expected, he died of an accidental drug overdose.  In addition to heroin, he had cocaine in his system . . . along with anti-anxiety medication and an upper like Adderall.