3/31/14 Justin & Selena Back On

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Monday, March 31, 2014


ELTON JOHN and DAVID FURNISH are getting “MARRIED” in May.  David says, quote, "We don't feel the need to take an extra step legally.  But since we're committed for life, we feel it's really important to take that step, and take advantage of that amazing change in legislation.  We all live by example."


SELENA GOMEZ is wearing a ring on her engagement finger that was supposedly a gift from JUSTIN BIEBER.  A source says it's NOT an engagement ring, but they're back together and serious.  Her family is now worried that she'll, quote, "do something crazy like elope with him."


Meanwhile, Selena could be looking at several dates with Justin Bieber inside a courtroom. Yesterday she was handed a subpoena to testify in the case of a 2012 incident in which a photographer claims Bieber kicked him in the stomach.


Zac Efron says he and a bodyguard were in a sketchy part of downtown LA Sunday night looking for sushi when they were attacked by transients, but people close to him believe that story is a little fishy. First of all, sources close to Zac say the bodyguard is a convicted drug dealer who Zac has been spending a lot of time with and they don't believe he was in that area looking for a sushi restaurant. They believe Zac, who had problems with cocaine use, has fallen off the wagon again. Police also have their suspicions about what exactly went down in the area which is known for being a hotbed of drug and gang activity.


After hearing that KANYE WEST is supposedly buying KIM KARDASHIAN 10 Burger King restaurants as a wedding gift, Burger King itself says they are unaware of such purchase, but they would be happy to cater their wedding.