3/18/14 L'wren Scott Suicide

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Designer L'WREN SCOTT was found dead in her apartment yesterday morning of an apparent suicide.  She'd been dating MICK JAGGER for at least a decade.  Mick is in Australia, and hasn't commented directly . . . but his rep says, quote, "He's completely shocked and devastated." As for WHY she may have committed suicide, friends say there were "no signs of depression" . . . but Britain's "Daily Mail" says it could've had to do with MONEY. Supposedly, her company was nearly $6 million in the red, and she owed her creditors another $7.6 million.


We now know why CHRIS BROWN was booted from rehab on Friday.  TMZ claims he broke three of the facility's rules, including:  "Stay at least two feet away from the women."  He reportedly touched a woman's elbows and hands.  He also refused a drug test, and mocked rehab during a group session.


Has the missing Malaysia Airlines plane been located . . . by COURTNEY LOVE?  Probably not.  But Courtney Tweeted out a photo of some oil slicks on a body of water, with a blurry image that she suggests could be the plane or a piece of the wreckage.  It's unclear where she got the picture.