2/28/13 Steven Tyler with 19-Year-Old

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Thursday, February 28, 2013
64-year-old STEVEN TYLER was photographed going into a Los Angeles restaurant with CLINT EASTWOOD'S 19-year-old daughter FRANCESCA. We don't know if it was a date, but sources say a "friend" of Francesca's asked the photographer to delete the photos. He didn't. There's a 45-year age difference between Steven and Francesca.
The "Star" tabloid claims LIAM HEMSWORTH messed around on MILEY CYRUS with "Mad Men" star JANUARY JONES at a pre-Oscar party over the weekend. --Liam showed up at the party stag, and witnesses say he and January were getting cozy for much of the night. --A source says, quote, "It looked like they had some hot chemistry. They were all over each other . . . and they even kissed!" --To make matters worse, they left TOGETHER . . . in the same car. And we can actually verify that part of the story, because there are pictures.
 MATT DAMON and Luciana Barroso got married eight years ago in a small, city hall ceremony. And now, the "New York Post" says they're planning the big, blow-out party they never had. --They've reportedly sent out "save the date" cards for friends for some kind of destination re-wedding. It's supposedly happening in April, but there's no word where. They're telling guests not to bring their kids.
Here we go again with the JENNIFER ANISTON marriage rumors. "People" magazine says she's marrying JUSTIN THEROUX shortly after she finishes filming her latest movie on March 8th.