2/14/14 Michelle Duggar's Advice to Women

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Friday, February 14, 2014


MICHELLE DUGGAR from the TLC show "19 Kids and Counting" says one of the keys to a happy marriage is for the woman to be with  her husband whenever HE wants it.  Even if SHE doesn't.  She says, quote, "You always need to be available when he calls.'"


COLIN FARRELL says it was "terrifying" to have sober sex after he cleaned up his act in 2005 . . . quote, "It was in the afternoon.  The windows and the curtains were open.  It was lovely, and to be crass, it wasn't [effing].  She was very gentle . . . I was just used to drunkenness and dark rooms and clubs and toilets and wherever."


Just because you know who SARAH SILVERMAN is . . . doesn't mean she's rich.  She says, quote, "I've had a couple good runs here and there, but there's no consistent income . . . There's just such a misconception about me.  I always say that I'm the poorest famous person in the world, non-scandal."


During an interview with MTV yesterday, MARIAH CAREY was talking about her dogs . . . whose names include:  Muttley, Cha Cha, Squeaky Beans, Jilly Beans, Pippity and The Reverend Pow Jackson. 


Reportedly, Kanye West is wearing a crown for his wedding in May and he wants fiancée Kim Kardashian do the same. Sources say Kim and Kanye will be in handcrafted headpieces he commissioned for them because he thinks he and Kim are royalty.