1/9/14 LiLo's Computer Drama

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Thursday, January 9, 2014


Pretty much everyone has seen Lindsay Lohan naked, but we might be seeing it again soon. As you know, Lindsay's computer was stolen at the airport in China, and sources say it contained a bunch of nude pictures from various photo shoots that were never supposed to be released. The computer also had private correspondence with various celebrities, including WOODY ALLEN and LADY GAGA . . . and Lindsay doesn't want that going public, either.


DEMI MOORE is dating a 27-year-old rock drummer named Sean Friday.  And they recently went to Mexico with Demi's daughter RUMER and her boyfriend, actor Jayson Blair.  It was actually Rumer who set them up. Well, here is the interesting part:  Blair turns 30 in March . . . which means that Rumer's boyfriend is OLDER than her mom's current boy toy.  And at 51, Demi is four years older than her new boyfriend's MOTHER.


JUSTIN BIEBER and SELENA GOMEZ are still hanging out.  Over the weekend, they camped together, then went to a beach resort in Santa Cruz.  Ever since Selena canceled her tour in December there have been rumors that she was diagnosed with LUPUS.  A source says Justin reached out to her immediately and wants to spend time with her.


"In Touch Weekly" claims JUSTIN BIEBER tried to rent out a whole MOUNTAIN on New Year's Eve . . . so he and his friends could snowboard in private.  But he was DENIED.  The resort wouldn't comment . . . other than to say, quote, "What Justin does at the mountain is completely confidential."