1/29/14 Sienna Miller Cheating Scandal

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014


A GoDaddy Super Bowl ad will have a woman quitting her job LIVE on TV.  GoDaddy says, quote, "Her boss doesn't know! . . . After the commercial, a formal resignation letter will be delivered, and she'll give her two-week notice."


BILLY RAY CYRUS thinks he knows what JUSTIN BIEBER needs.  He says, quote, "I would just invite him to come down and chill out with me, maybe in Tennessee.  Let's go up to the teepee, build a fire, step away and just, you know, maybe take a break for a little bit, just think about what's important.  Get back to life . . . Build a fire, count the deer and the hawks and relax a little bit."


Justin Bieber is reportedly moving out the posh Southern California neighborhood he's been terrorizing. TMZ says the Bieb "has had enough of suburban life" and that the egging incident and the Sheriff's raid on his Calabasas home were the "final straw." No word on where he's moving to, but you can be sure whoever his new neighbors are, they won't be happy about it. Meanwhile, prosecutors in Justin's egging case have asked for further investigation.


Jude Law wasn't the only person being unfaithful during his relationship with Sienna Miller. Turns out she was cheating with Daniel Craig. The revelation came out when News of the World reporter Dan Evans testified that he eavesdropped on the James Bond star's voicemails while under pressure to produce a front-page story. Evans said he heard a message from a woman calling from a number he later verified to be Sienna's. She allegedly told Daniel, "Hi, it’s me. Cannot speak. I’m at the Groucho [Club] with Jude. I love you." Sienna and Jude eventually split after it was discovered that he had an affair with his children's nanny.


Getting beat up by Kanye West is a lucrative business. TMZ says Yeezy has agreed to pay the young man he pummeled inside a Beverly Hills chiropractor's office earlier this month more than $250,000. Sources say the man -- who allegedly hurled racial epithets at Kim Kardashian -- "now feels satisfied enough that he won't go forward with a criminal prosecution." The D.A. had not charged Kanye with battery, and now there's little chance of that happening. So case closed.