12/18/12 Why is LiLo Broke?

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012
It's interesting the way this works: MILEY CYRUS seems to have a reputation as a wild, slutty chick . . . while people think TAYLOR SWIFT is all sweet and innocent. When in real life, it's kind of the OPPOSITE. --A writer for E! Online recently shared an Instagram graphic that says the following . . . "[Miley Cyrus] is called a slut or a [B-word] every day . . . [But] has been with the same guy for more than three years and is engaged to him. --[Taylor Swift] is called sweet, elegant and inspirational . . . [But] has been with more than 13 guys for the past three years." --When Miley saw the graphic, she sent a message to the E! writer saying, quote, "This made me laugh. Thanks for making me smile. I needed it." --She added, quote, "People are idiots and call me a slut when I am engaged at 20 [because] I'm madly in love with one man. Just happy someone admitted it."
This probably won't be the most shocking thing you hear today, but ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is still going at it at the age of 65. --He tells "Esquire" magazine, quote, "When you get older, sex may change a bit. When you're 65, it's not exactly the same as when you were 25. But that doesn't mean it's over. It's never over.
The guy responsible for those SCARLETT JOHANSSON nude pics did NOT get a medal. He got PRISON TIME. --36-year-old Christopher Chaney was accused of hacking the accounts of dozens of celebrities, including MILA KUNIS and CHRISTINA AGUILERA. He was looking at 121 years behind bars. But he cut a deal, and got 10.
The way the economy is now, it's probably maddening for most of you to think that someone could make $1.6 million in a calendar year and be BROKE. But according to the HuffintonPost.com, that's what LINDSAY LOHAN made in 2012. --They counted up her major paychecks this year, and they include: --$1 million to pose for "Playboy" . . . $200,000 for her brief appearance in "Scary Movie 5" . . . $300,000 for the Lifetime movie "Liz & Dick" . . . $6,480 to star in that indie flick "The Canyons" . . . and that $100,000 loan from CHARLIE SHEEN. --Add those up and it comes to a little more than $1.6 million. --But they also added up the DEBT Lindsay racked up this year. --It includes $234,000 in unpaid taxes from 2009 and 2010 . . . $96,000 in yearly rent for her mansion . . . $144,000 in yearly rent on that storage locker she can't afford to pay for anymore . . . --And then there was that $40,000 she loaned to her mother so she wouldn't lose her house. All told, that's $514,000. --Which means that Lindsay ends the year UP almost $1.1 million. Even if you subtract for taxes . . . assuming Lindsay is paying those now . . . that's more than HALF A MILLION BUCKS. Where did it go??? --Obviously, we can't answer that. But a good chunk of it may have gone to LEGAL FEES. The Huffington Post estimates her legal bill this year may have been AT LEAST $250,000.