12/14/12 Top Celeb Mugshots

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Friday, December 14, 2012
E! Online has rounded up what they think are the Top Celebrity Mugshots of the Year. Here are the "winners", along with their offenses . . .
#1.) Randy Travis, Public intoxication.
#2.) Olympic snowboarder Shaun White, Vandalism and public intoxication.
#3.) Russell Brand, Criminal damage. 
#4.) "Teen Mom" star Amber Portwood, Contempt of court.
#5.) Amanda Bynes, DUI.
#6.) Celebrity chef Cat Cora, DUI.
#7.) Sally Struthers, DUI.
#8.) Fiona Apple, Drug possession.
#9.) Flavor Flav, Domestic violence.
#10.) Linda Hogan, DUI.
Forbes.com dropped a brand new list yesterday. --It's the 10 Most Talked About Women of 2012. They scoured TENS OF THOUSANDS of news sources over the course of the year, and found the women who were mentioned the MOST in headlines. --This year's queen is HILLARY CLINTON.
#1.) Hillary Clinton, 26,838
#2.) Michelle Obama, 24,451
#3.) Lady Gaga, 22,058
#4.) Lindsay Lohan, 19,828
#5.) German Chancellor Angela Merkel, 13,171
#6.) Beyonce, 10,954
#7.) Kate Middleton, 10,433
#8.) Rihanna, 10,355
#9.) Angelina Jolie, 10,141
#10.) Jennifer Lopez, 9,683
DANIEL RADCLIFFE once said he gave up drinking in August of 2010 . . . because he'd become an alcoholic by the age of 18. Well, the "New York Post" says he's back on the sauce. --Daniel was reportedly downing JAGER BOMBS at a joint called the Beauty Bar in New York when he got into some kind of argument with the DJ. A source says, quote, "He was soon encouraged by management to grab a cab."
RUSSELL BRAND reportedly handed his friends wads of cash . . . so they could help the homeless. Russell apparently helps out the homeless in L.A. a lot, but he's going to be in Australia over the holidays. So he gave his friends money so they could take care of him while he's gone.