1/21/14 LiLo's New Plan

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014


The "National Enquirer" says LINDSAY LOHAN wants to hook back up with her old girlfriend SAMANTHA RONSON and get MARRIED . . . but only for publicity.  Supposedly, she wants to do it as a TV special.


Even if you're DETERMINED to be a celebrity, it's smart to have a Plan B.  Most celebrities explored other career paths before making it big.  Here's what a few of them MIGHT have become if they didn't . . .

Jennifer Lawrence wanted to be a doctor.

Ashton Kutcher studied biochemical engineering at the University of Iowa.

Tom Cruise was going to be a Catholic priest.  He even went to seminary school.  But one of his classmates says that the two of them got kicked out for stealing liquor from the priests.

Queen Latifah was studying to be a broadcast journalist before she made it big as a rapper.

Gerard Butler studied to be a lawyer at Glasgow University.

Matthew McConaughey was also thinking about a career in law.

Danny DeVito was a HAIR STYLIST.

Angelina Jolie got certified as a funeral director . . . but never actually worked in the field.

George Clooney worked in tobacco fields as a kid . . . and also tried out for the Cincinnati Reds in 1977.  Obviously, he didn't make the team.

Mariah Carey studied to be a makeup artist.



Justin Bieber marked his territory in Colorado by peeing his initials in the snow, all while people looked on. According to TMZ, Justin and his crew were driving when his motorcade pulled to the side of a private road in a residential area. Justin hopped out, surrounded by bodyguards, and peed in the snow. Residents went over to inspect the scene and saw Justin had peed his initials "JB" in the snow .


When cops in LA got a warrant to search Justin Bieber's mansion last week, they reportedly found a house littered with drugs and drug paraphernalia. However, since the warrant was issued only to search for video evidence of his egg-throwing attack on a neighbor's house, they couldn't seize any of the drugs. Sources told TMZ that as cops walked through his house, they found two large jars of marijuana and empty bottles of codeine. They also saw three bongs and hookah pipes. There was also evidence that as cops arrived, Bieb's friends flushed drugs down the toilet.