11/6/13 Amanda Bynes Getting Released?

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013


KRISTEN BELL says that when she was pregnant, she didn't feel connected to her daughter . . . and was even worried she wouldn't love the child as much as she loved her DOGS.  But she says that within 24 hours of the birth her hormones reset and it was all good.


DAVID ARQUETTE and his girlfriend Christina McLarty are expecting their first child.  They've been dating for about two years, although they split briefly last year.


Last month we heard that OWEN WILSON had impregnated his personal trainer, one Caroline Lindqvist.  Well, that appears to be true.  People.com says they're expecting a baby boy in January. Owen and Caroline are NOT together, but they're cool.  They're even getting together for a baby shower next month.


TMZ says AMANDA BYNES could be back on the streets by Christmas.  Amanda has been in custody since July 22nd, when she was arrested for starting a gasoline fire in a random woman's driveway. She was held at the UCLA Medical Center psych ward until September, when she was transferred to a rehab facility in Malibu. A source says Amanda has been responding well to meds and psychological counseling, and she'll be released to her mother's care sometime next month.



DENISE RICHARDS has temporary custody of CHARLIE SHEEN'S 4-year-old twin sons, but she doesn't want them anymore because they violently attack her dogs, her daughters, and even kids and teachers at their school.  Denise says it's the fault of the boys' mother BROOKE MUELLER.


ASHTON KUTCHER has joined a website called PopExpert.com . . . where he'll web chat with people and give them career advice.  His areas of expertise are career mentoring, marketing, branding, producing, social media and, of course, ACTING.  He's only charging $5 for the first session and $10 each for additional sessions.