11/29/12 Jessica Simpson Preggers Again?

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Thursday, November 29, 2012
"Us Weekly" says that JESSICA SIMPSON is pregnant again. A source says, quote, "It definitely wasn't planned."  --If this is true . . . and no one has officially confirmed it yet . . . there's no word what it'll do to her Weight Watchers deal. A company spokeswoman would only say, quote, "Any questions related to Jessica's personal life can only be answered by her team." --Meanwhile, Jessica's rep says, quote, "I'm not going to comment on this speculation."
DANNY DEVITO and RHEA PERLMAN were spotted together at an airport yesterday. --There's no word if they're back together. They wouldn't talk to the cameraman, and as soon as they realized they were being filmed, Rhea sped up so they weren't walking side-by-side anymore.
It looks like things are cool between JUSTIN BIEBER and SELENA GOMEZ. They were spotted kissing over a late-night dinner Tuesday night. --The two of them showed up at the Dream Hotel in New York City just before midnight. --A source says, quote, "It was just the two of them, sitting together. At first they were quietly talking and then they started kissing. They were smiling, definitely seemed happy! They weren't fighting." --They stayed for about 30 minutes, before leaving hand-in-hand.
ASHTON KUTCHER is old news . . . with emphasis on the "OLD". Because DEMI MOORE reportedly has a new man . . . and he's almost HALF HER AGE. --His name is VITO SCHNABEL, and he's 26. Demi just turned 50 earlier this month. And Ashton is a shriveled-up 34. --Vito is an art dealer and the son of artist and director JULIAN SCHNABEL. --Demi and Vito reportedly met at a party in India earlier this month. A source says, quote, "They were dancing and grinding all over each other, openly, in front of other guests."
"Life & Style" magazine says that before MILEY CYRUS will marry LIAM HEMSWORTH, she wants an iron-clad prenup to protect her fortune . . . and her DOGS. --Miley is worth $130 million, and she doesn't want to lose a dime of it. Of course, Liam's got $20 million of his own, so it's not like he needs any of her cash. --But money's not the only thing she's worried about. A source says, quote, "Miley has a half-dozen dogs that are her babies. She doesn't want to lose them."
"Entertainment Weekly" has named BEN AFFLECK the Entertainer of the Year. Other honorees include Channing Tatum, Jennifer Lawrence, Seth MacFarlane, Joss Whedon, Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Kerry Washington.