11/26/12 Sheen Gives LiLo Money

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Monday, November 26, 2012
LARRY HAGMAN . . . J.R. Ewing from "Dallas" . . . passed away on Friday of complications from throat cancer. He was 81. Larry had filmed several episodes for the upcoming second season of TNT's new "Dallas" show . . . and producers are now trying to come up with a way to give his character a proper sendoff.
Boxing legend HECTOR "MACHO" CAMACHO has died after being shot in the jaw in Puerto Rico last Tuesday. He was 50 years old. --Initially, it was thought that he might survive . . . but his condition deteriorated after he went into cardiac arrest. Doctors later declared Camacho brain dead on Thanksgiving and his family decided to take him off life support on Saturday. --Camacho was shot while in a parked car with a friend. The friend died at the scene. No arrests have been made . . . but cocaine was discovered in the vehicle, so there's a chance the attack was drug-related.
Thanksgiving is SUPPOSED to be the time for passive-aggressive fights . . . not ACTUAL fights. Totally different story at HALLE BERRY'S house. --On Thanksgiving morning, Halle's ex-boyfriend, GABRIEL AUBRY, was at her house in West Hollywood, California to give Halle their four-year-old daughter Nahla for the weekend. --He started arguing with Halle's current fiancé, OLIVIER MARTINEZ, in the driveway . . . and then it got VIOLENT. According to the police, Gabriel took a swing at Olivier. --He probably did NOT know that Olivier's father was a professional boxer and Olivier used to do some competitive boxing himself. So Olivier easily took him down and ended up landing a few good shots to Gabriel's face and body. --Gabriel went to the hospital with a broken rib, some bruises on his face, and a possible head injury. Olivier also went to the SAME hospital with a possible broken hand and some neck injuries. --They were treated down the hall from each other, but nothing went down at the hospital. --Gabriel was arrested for misdemeanor battery. He claims Olivier started the fight and if the cops look at the footage from Halle's security tapes they'll see HE was the victim. --Halle rushed Nahla into the house before the fighting started, so both of them missed the violence. --A judge granted a temporary protective order against Gabriel, which requires him to stay 100 yards away from Halle, their daughter, and Olivier. That expires tomorrow, and Halle is looking for an indefinite extension. --Halle and Gabriel have been in a custody battle for Nahla ever since they broke up in April of 2010. Halle has been engaged to Olivier for about a year.
CHARLIE SHEEN knows the enabling cycle intimately. But after so many years as the enablee, it's good to see him stepping into the role of enabler. That's the circle of life. --Apparently, Charlie just gave LINDSAY LOHAN a check for $100,000 to pay off part of her IRS tax debt. It's not clear if it's a loan or a present. But what IS clear is that he sent it, she cashed it, and it went straight to the IRS. --Charlie and Lindsay became friends while they were filming cameos for "Scary Movie 5" in September. --Lindsay owes the government $233,904 in unpaid taxes from 2009 and 2010, so Charlie just knocked out about half of that debt. Lindsay is set to make $2 MILLION this year so she SHOULD be able to pay off the rest . . . but who knows.