11/14/12 Celebrity Aliases

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012
JANEANE GAROFALO just got divorced on Saturday after 20 years of marriage. And here's the funny part: She and her husband didn't know they were even husband and wife. --That's right: They were married for 20 years and had NO IDEA. --Janeane dated Rob Cohen in the early '90s. And one night in Vegas, they got hitched at a drive-thru chapel. --Janeane says, quote, "We got married drunk in Vegas . . . We dated for a year, and we got married at a drive-through chapel in a cab." --The thing is, they didn't think the marriage was legit because they didn't, quote, "go down to the courthouse and sign papers and stuff." But it WAS. --And the only reason they found out is because Rob is making plans to marry someone else.  --Apparently, Rob's lawyer stumbled upon the fact that he was already hitched.
Most celebrities check into hotels under aliases, so people can't find them. Here are some of those aliases, according to "Us Weekly":
--Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: Bryce and Jasmine Pilaf
--Justin Timberlake: Mr. Woodpond
--Johnny Depp: Mr. Drip Noodle
--George Clooney: Arnold Scwharzenegger
MTV is giving "Jersey Shore" star VINNY Guadagnino his own talk show called "The Show with Vinny". Unlike most talk shows, it'll have a reality element. Instead of interviewing celebrities in a studio, he's going to be talking with them over dinner at his family's home in Staten Island.