11/1/12 Camilla Belle and Tim Tebow Dating

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Thursday, November 1, 2012
Sources are saying CAMILLA BELLE has a fetish for VIRGINS? The reason? Well, she dated JOE JONAS a few years ago. And now, she's seeing TIM TEBOW. --The two of them were out bowling and partying at a place called Latitude 30 in Jacksonville, Florida on Tuesday night. --A source says they were, quote, "overly affectionate throughout the evening, holding hands and touching."
The LAPD is investigating an accusation of SEXUAL ASSAULT filed by a woman against CEE LO GREEN. --Details haven't been released, but cops visited a restaurant in downtown L.A. that has some connection to the case, and spoke with several employees, including the manager. --Cee Lo is denying he did anything wrong. He says, quote, "Nothing ever happened [at that restaurant] or anywhere else."
You'd think the LAST thing Seaside Heights needs right now is to see the "Jersey Shore" cast return. But apparently, that's exactly what MTV is thinking about doing. --RadarOnline.com claims network executives are kicking around the idea of dispatching the cast back to Seaside Heights to shoot some sort of Hurricane Sandy "clean-up" special. --An "insider" says, quote, "The honchos at the network think it would be a tremendous boost for Seaside Heights as the town begins to rebuild to have the kids be a part of it." --Supposedly, this is no more than a TERRIBLE idea at this point.