10/8/13 Sexiest Woman Alive...

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013
SCARLETT JOHANSSON has been named "Esquire" magazine's Sexiest Woman Alive . . . making her the first woman to win the title TWICE. She also got it back in 2006. Last year's winner was MILA KUNIS.
BENICIO DEL TORO got it on with SCARLETT JOHANSSON in an elevator . . . then he gave a BABY to ROD STEWART'S daughter KIMBERLY. And now, he might be seeing CAMERON DIAZ. The British tabloids say Benicio and Cameron went to a restaurant opening together in New York City the other night, and were trying a little too hard to NOT look like a couple. A source says Benicio, quote, "attempted to go unnoticed as he strolled along slightly behind Cameron and her assistant, keeping his head down in a bid to avoid photographers."
The "National Enquirer" says that RICHARD GERE pushed his soon-to-be ex-wife CAREY LOWELL over the edge by TRYING TO GET WITH ONE OF HER FRIENDS. Apparently, after it happened she old his wife that Richard tried to mack on her. She also told Carey that Richard had done this to OTHER friends of theirs. That's when Carey told him she wanted out.
There's a picture going around the Internet that MIGHT depict JUSTIN BIEBER smoking pot. And there's a girl sitting next to him that a lot of people think is Nickelodeon star ARIANA GRANDE. No word yet from either of their camps. But, on a related note, MILEY CYRUS Tweeted a picture of herself wearing a shirt with the words, "Reefer Fever" on it, along with a FAKE picture of Justin toking up.