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1/14/15 America's Favorite Personalities

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Last year, CHARLIZE THERON convinced SEAN PENN to give up all his guns. Well, at least the ones he kept in the, quote, "continental United States." He had all 65 of those guns turned into a sculpture, which he auctioned off to raise money for Haiti. (Anderson Cooper bought it for $1.4 million.) At a pre-"Golden Globes" event, Sean was asked if he misses those guns. He said, quote, "I think guns are not something to be missed. Especially, on a serious note, when we talk about it this week [and] this tragic thing that happened in Paris. I'd like to see more guns go to sculpture."


For the third year in a row, ELLEN DEGENERES has topped a Harris Interactive poll on America's Favorite TV Personalities. Also for the third year in a row, "NCIS" star MARK HARMON followed at #2. Jimmy Fallon came in at number 3.


George Clooney is known to enjoy a harmless prank between friends, and on Sunday night at the Golden Globes, he nearly fell victim to one. Bill Murray apparently had a plan to prank his pal as he received his Cecil B. DeMille Award, and would have provided the biggest highlight of the night, but he ultimately decided against it. Apparently Clooney found out about it and told him "no way."

1/13/15 Leo & Rihanna Make Out

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015


There'd been some talk that LEONARDO DICAPRIO was under the weather. But he seemed to be feeling fine at a Playboy Mansion party Saturday night, because sources say he was MAKING OUT WITH RIHANNA. Paris Hilton, Hilary Duff, Tom Hardy, Pamela Anderson, Naomi Campbell, and Tobey Maguire were also at the party . . . which spilled over into ANOTHER party, that Leo also attended.


Legendary Hollywood ladies man Jack Nicholson fears dying alone in his Los Angeles mansion because he can no longer attract the ladies like he did in younger years. The 77-year-old says women do not trust him anymore thanks to his reputation as 'Jack the Jumper.' Nicholson even said he would love 'one last romance' but said he was 'not very realistic' about that happening.


Sean Penn and Charlize Theron are preparing to be a family. The two reportedly got engaged in November and now Sean is adopting her son, Jackson. According to Radar Online the paperwork "has already begun." A source says, "Charlize never placed any pressure on Sean to adopt Jackson. It has been a very natural process of them becoming a true family." The insiders adds, "Jackson calls Sean 'daddy,' and Sean just lights up around him. Sean picks Jackson up from nursery school, and all of the parents know him."

1/12/14 Beyonce Pregnant?

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Monday, January 12, 2014


BEYONCÉ may have revealed she's PREGNANT yesterday with a sly Instagram post. The picture shows her at the beach with her 3-year-old daughter Blue Ivy. Beyoncé is buried in the sand, but someone sculpted a BUMP over her belly. The picture has no caption.


Remember BRAD PITT and ANGELINA JOLIE's wedding in France? It was a SHAM. They were actually already married. Angelina says, quote, "Before the wedding in France with the kids, Brad and I were already married in California. As Americans, we couldn't marry legally in France." She adds, quote, "One day I said to Brad, 'Let's meet up at 4:30 P.M.' I called a justice of the peace and we signed the documents."


Kim Kardashian is having a hard time giving her daughter a sibling -- and as she's done with everything else in her life, she's filming the experience for Keeping Up With the Kardashians. She tells Britain's Daily Mail, "When you’re not planning it, it happens. It’s just how God works. And when you want it so bad, it’s not happening." Kim says she's sharing her fertility problems to help other women.


1/9/15 Taylor Swift & Leo Dicaprio?

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Friday, January 9, 2015


JENNIFER ANISTON says a guy she dated when she was 25 would have been "THE ONE" if she wasn't young and stupid. But the guy has since died of a brain tumor. And she says, quote, "He must have sent me Justin to make up for it all."


The "National Enquirer" wants you to believe that TAYLOR SWIFT has her sights set on LEONARDO DICAPRIO . . . and she even arranged a meeting with him so she could "put him to the test" and see if he's "good boyfriend material." And it supposedly went well, because she's been texting him nonstop ever since. And even though her friends are telling her it's a bad idea, Taylor thinks they'd make the perfect "power couple."


MILEY CYRUS was robbed last month . . . for the THIRD TIME in about a year. On December 16th, somebody broke into Miley's house and stole property belonging to both her and her brother . . . including Miley's bank card. Police actually caught a guy, although he pleaded not guilty. There's no word if they got any of the stolen items back.


BILL COSBY made a RAPE JOKE during a show in Canada last night. A woman in the front row got up, and Bill asked her where she was going. She said she was getting a drink. And he said, quote, "You have to be careful about drinking around me." There were some gasps, but they turned into laughter and applause.


Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin have re-kindled their romance. A source tells People magazine that the two "are still dating and have been dating. Even though they are both busy, the relationship is solid. They see each other when they can." They were most recently spotted having dinner together on December 30th.


1/8/15 Miley Posing for Playboy?

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Thursday, January 8, 2015


The upside of doing a series of Calvin Klein underwear ads with JUSTIN BIEBER is instant recognition and probably a huge career boost. The downside: Online death threats from tween girls. Model LARA STONE just found that out. The anti-Lara Tweets include this one . . . quote, "Back off or I'll kill you, please and thanks. No pressure."


MILEY CYRUS loves to be nude…and show everyone…we know this. . . . but we haven't quite seen all of it. But that might change, and sooner than you think. Miley wants to pose for "Playboy" this year.

A source says, quote, "Miley can't think of anything sexier than taking it all off and wants to book a shoot by April." And her boyfriend PATRICK SCHWARZENEGGER is all for it. If Miley wants this, it'll probably happen. HUGH HEFNER once said Miley would be welcome in his magazine. Of course that was 2008, when Miley was only FIFTEEN. He meant he'd have her when she turned 18 though. Now she's 22.


JENNIFER ANISTON has one big fear: Going UNDERWATER. And it isn't that she can't swim . . . it dates back to an incident from her childhood. She says, quote, "I was riding this tricycle around a swimming pool, and I drove [it] into the swimming pool, and I didn't let go . . . [Now,] I can't go underwater."


LORENZO LAMAS says he decided to leave show business to become a helicopter pilot . . . because he got sick of sitting around waiting for the phone just so he could do "another B-movie." He says, quote, "I'm really focusing on my new career, and I'm enjoying it tremendously . . . I have no regrets."


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