10/31/13 Lindsay Lohan Back on the Sauce?

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Thursday, October 31, 2013


Whether it's surgery, better health regimens, or Photoshop, celebrities are a lot more well-preserved than they used to be.  It's to the point where we forget just how old some of these people are. Check out some surprising facts that'll force it to sink in for you . . .

At 52, George Clooney is a year older than Wilford Brimley was when "Cocoon" was released.

At 71, Harrison Ford is two years older than Burgess Meredith was when "Rocky" came out.

At 65, Samuel L. Jackson is two years younger than Jack Lemmon was when he did "Grumpy Old Men".

At 59, Denzel Washington is a year younger than Andy Griffith was when "Matlock" premiered.

At 54, Tom Cruise is the same age as Tommy Lee Jones when he did "Men In Black".

At 51, Demi Moore is the same age as Rue McClanahan when "The Golden Girls" debuted.


Celebrity chef GUY FIERI got into a wicked fight with his HAIRDRESSER after they landed at the airport in San Francisco.  Guy was inside an SUV and the hairdresser was on the outside. He was throwing punches at Guy through the open door . . . swearing and CRYING the whole time.  Guy was throwing kicks back at him.  A source says it was just a drunk thing that escalated, and they're fine now.


LINDSAY LOHAN has been hitting clubs again.  And while nobody's caught her drinking yet, people close to her say she has definitely slid back into old habits. One source saw Lindsay at a party in L.A. last week, and says, quote, "She was definitely drinking alcohol.  She got increasingly sloppy as the hours went on. At one point Lindsay was literally hanging on to a couple of her friends, like they were holding her up."


The paparazzi asked CONRAD MURRAY how MICHAEL JACKSON would feel about people blaming him for Michael's death . . . and he had the STONES to say that Michael would be, quote, "absolutely appalled."  He also said that Michael would probably tell all his fans who are judging Murray to, quote, "take a look in the mirror."