10/29/12 Honey Boo Boo Wearing Diapers

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Monday, October 29, 2012
JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE has apologized for the video that a friend of his made and was shown at his wedding. The video featured homeless people wishing Justin and JESSICA BIEL well . . . and seemed to be in HORRIBLE TASTE at their $6.5 million Italian wedding. Justin says he had, quote, "no knowledge of its existence" before it was shown and it isn't, quote, "who I am as a professional or as a man."
MILA KUNIS is either pregnant or should've known better than to wear a horizontally-striped shirt after eating a big lunch. --On Saturday afternoon, paparazzi took some photos of Mila and ASHTON KUTCHER out walking around . . . and Mila looks like she's got a belly. And so, of course, everyone immediately jumped on the "Could she be pregnant?" train.
Last month, JESSICA SIMPSON'S mom, 52-year-old Tina Simpson, filed for divorce from her dad, 54-year-old Joe Simpson. --And it looks like now that Joe's single, he's not going to let his age stand in the way of him being a COOL, HIP, SINGLE BRO. --On Thursday, paparazzi got photos of Joe walking around in L.A. in a tight yellow sweater, tight black skinny jeans, and, most importantly, a new, short, BLONDE HIGHLIGHTED haircut. --Meanwhile, the rumors about Tina and Joe splitting up because Joe's SECRETLY GAY are still rolling. And NOT just because of Joe's new haircut, although it's probably not doing anything to dissuade those rumors. --According to Radar Online and the "National Enquirer", a 21-year-old aspiring model named Bryce Chandler Hill is trying to hop on this publicity train by bragging that he had a man-on-man affair with Joe.
ALANA "HONEY BOO BOO" THOMPSON is seven years old, which is definitely too old to be wearing diapers. But the "National Enquirer" says SHE STILL DOES. --They say she was spotted wearing a pull-up diaper at an appearance in Los Angeles last week. And one of her oldest sister's ex-boyfriends told them he would always see Alana running around in diapers when he visited their house last year.