10/24/13 Is Lilo Drinking Again?

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Thursday, October 24, 2013


KIM KARDASHIAN reportedly KNEW KANYE WEST was going to propose, and she even told him what jeweler to go to for her ring.  Kanye supposedly designed the 15-carat ring . . . but Kim told him to use Lorraine Schwartz, the same jeweler who made the ring KRIS HUMPHRIES gave her.


This probably doesn't make a difference since they both have more money than they know what to do with, but KANYE WEST reportedly won't make KIM KARDASHIAN sign a prenup. A source says, quote, "Kanye's in love with Kim to the point of infatuation . . . he thinks [a prenup is] tacky and he doesn't want to offend Kim or make anything seem awkward. He thinks of his money and his accomplishments and hers and he wants to share them with her . . . no strings attached."


CLINT EASTWOOD'S wife DINA officially filed for divorce this week.  As you may recall, she had previously WITHDRAWN her papers for legal separation. There's no word what changed her mind . . . all she'll give for a reason is "irreconcilable differences."  Dina is seeking physical custody of their 16-year-old daughter Morgan, plus spousal support and attorney fees. Meanwhile, Clint's latest fling, Erica Fisher, is reportedly living with him . . . and driving his Benz.  And one of her sons is working as a production assistant on Clint's latest movie.  Erica's ex-husband is a longtime friend of Dina's.


Is LINDSAY LOHAN still drinking?  The paparazzi shot a picture of Lindsay through the window of a Hollywood Hills home . . . and it looks like she's reaching for a WINE BOTTLE.  The picture was taken Tuesday night.   Sources say Lindsay has ditched her sober coach, saying she can go it alone from here on out.


DINA LOHAN was in court yesterday for a hearing regarding her DUI.  Outside the courthouse, her slimy attorney Mark Heller told reporters THEY caused Dina to drive drunk. He said, quote, "The circumstances leading to Dina's arrest were largely impacted by ongoing daily stresses caused by you folks, the paparazzi, media attention and distorted tabloid character profiles."