10/22/12 Michael Lohan Wants Lindsay in Rehab

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Monday, October 22, 2012
LINDSAY LOHAN'S dad MICHAEL showed up at her house on Friday with a few other people . . . to stage an "intervention". --They were met at the door by Lindsay's boyfriend and he refused to let Michael and his crew in. Someone inside Lindsay's house even called the cops to come straighten things out. Eventually everyone left. --Michael is claiming that everyone from Lindsay's manager to her attorneys are in his corner. And TMZ claims to have seen e-mails that prove it. --In one e-mail, Michael says that she's drinking, quote, "between a bottle and a bottle and a half of vodka per day." He also suggests she's snorting cocaine and using Adderall. --And Lindsay's manager says he's been hearing the same things. --Michael later told another website, quote, "Her whole team has had it with her. All of them want her to get treatment." --Sources close to Lindsay say she has NOT relapsed and doesn't need treatment.
The man who shooed MICHAEL LOHAN away from LINDSAY'S house on Friday is her new boyfriend, Josh Chunn. He's a fitness trainer and former college cheerleader who DOES believe that Lindsay is surrounded by, quote, "a bunch of [eff]-ups." But he thinks she's moving in the right direction . . . quote, "She's a strong girl. She's cleaning up. I just want her to be okay. I want us to be okay."
JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE and JESSICA BIEL did get married Friday in Italy. --They issued a statement saying, quote, "It's great to be married, the ceremony was beautiful and it was so special to be surrounded by our family and friends." --Justin was spotted on Saturday in Fasano, Italy, wearing his new ring.
On Friday, lawyers for BRITNEY SPEARS and her family gave their opening statement in the defamation trial brought against the family by Britney's former manager Sam Lutfi. --And here's something interesting we found out: Britney's insanity may have been JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE'S FAULT. --The attorneys said that before her relationship with Justin, Britney was a, quote, "ray of light." But the relationship "ended painfully", and she became angry and depressed afterward. --The breakup started a downward spiral that included Britney's impulsive and brief marriage to a childhood friend named Jason Alexander. --Ironically, the KEVIN FEDERLINE years were actually a RELIEF to Britney's parents . . . because they represented a relatively calm period. But after THEY split up, Britney went off the deep end again. --That's when Sam came in, and made things WORSE. The attorneys said, quote, "At the point that she is at her most vulnerable, she meets Mr. Lutfi" . . . who was "totally unqualified to manage a superstar." --One of the attorneys also claimed that Sam would hide Britney's dog and watch her go mental over it . . . then play the hero by "finding" it for her.
Good news for KATE GOSSELIN: She's been offered a gig hosting a TV show. Bad news for Kate Gosselin: She has to do it NAKED. --The porno company Vivid Entertainment wants Kate to host a show on their new channel, VividTV. She wouldn't have to be nude all the time . . . but yes, the gig does involve her taking off her clothes now and then. --There's no word if Kate would even consider this.