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5/2/13 FHM's Sexiest Women

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Thursday, May 2, 2013
"FHM" has dropped its 100 Sexiest Women in the World list, and they put MILA KUNIS at the top of it. She's followed by Rihanna and three British chicks: Helen Flanagan, Michelle Keegan and Kelly Brook.
Here's the Top 10:
1. Mila Kunis
2. Rihanna
3. Helen Flanagan
4. Michelle Keegan
5. Kelly Brook
6. Kaley Cuoco
7. British singer Pixie Lott
8. Kate Upton
9. British singer and TV personality Cheryl Cole
10. Irish model Georgia Salpa
"Us Weekly" claims that JENNIFER ANISTON is pushing back her wedding to JUSTIN THEROUX so it doesn't conflict with BRAD PITT and ANGELINA JOLIE'S . . . which is supposedly about to happen. A source says, quote, "She does not want her day associated with them."
LINDSAY LOHAN posted a picture of herself surrounded by clothes, along with the caption, quote, "90 days and 270 looks." In other words, she's bringing 270 outfits to rehab with her. That means three outfits PER DAY. She also set up a new website at LindsayLohan.com, but there's nothing there yet.
TARA REID has revealed that she and LINDSAY LOHAN "don't like each other that much." She added, quote, "If I get drunk, I'm a happy drunk. When she gets drunk, she's just mean. She's so paranoid. She takes her drink, any time she thinks someone has a camera phone on, and drops it in an ice bucket."
Blue Collar Comedy stars JEFF FOXWORTHY, BILL ENGVALL and LARRY THE CABLE GUY are opening their own theme park, Blue Collar Country, in Foley, Alabama. If it's successful, the plan is to open up to six more around the country.
AMANDA BYNES says she has no idea why people call her crazy . . . adding, quote, "Every time I've heard it, it came from an ugly person's mouth, so I don't care. The only ones lying about me having a mental illness are people I don't talk to. I only have hot friends. They have my back until I die." She also claims she doesn't drink because she's allergic to alcohol.

5/1/13 LiLo Goes Clubbing

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013
JOHN STAMOS is doing a web show in which he reunites celebrities with the people who took their virginity. He says, quote, "For every actor, celebrity, musician and politician out there that we see, there's somebody at home going, 'I was their first.' I want to hear their stories, too." And he may even reenact those magic moments with puppets, Barbie dolls or some other kind of animation.
What do you do when you only have a few days left until you're required to check into rehab? You hit the bars, obviously. Especially if you're LINDSAY LOHAN. Lindsay is supposed to check into rehab TOMORROW for a court-ordered, 90-day stay. And on Monday, she was at a New York City club called the Bitter End. Meanwhile, E! Online says Lindsay has NOT chosen a rehab facility yet . . . and if she doesn't check into one tomorrow, she'll be in violation of her probation and could end up in jail. There's also been some talk that after Lindsay gets out of rehab, she's going to start blogging about her time on the inside.
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have made it known they don't want baby gifts. Instead, they want them sent to a Chicago children's hospital. Kim and Kanye have directed their friends, family and fans to donate to the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago.

4/30/13 Catherine Zeta Back in Rehab

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Tuesday, April 30, 2013
"Teen Mom" skank FARRAH ABRAHAM sold her sex tape for a little less than $1 million. It's called "Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom", and the company that bought it says, quote, "The footage is amazing. I think many fans will be shocked at how truly explicit it is." It'll be available online next Monday.
Yesterday on the "Today" show, MARTHA STEWART agreed to dip into the world of online dating. And she freely admitted that one of the things she's looking for in a man is someone to, quote, "SLEEP WITH." 
CATHERINE ZETA-JONES is going back into treatment for bipolar disorder. Her people say it's basically just for, quote, "maintenance". Her rep says, quote, "Catherine has proactively checked into a health care facility. Catherine has said that she is committed to periodic care in order to manage her health in an optimum manner."
Here's how much celebrities hate the paparazzi: ANNE HATHAWAY actually got into a stranger's car to avoid them at Los Angeles International Airport. She almost got into the wrong SUV by ACCIDENT. But since her ride wasn't there yet and she wanted to get away from the photographer who was hounding her, she asked the driver if she could wait in his car until hers arrived.

4/29/13 Ashton Kutcher Gets in Fight

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Monday, April 29, 2013
Last week,  CLINT EASTWOOD'S wife DINA was entered rehab to be treated for anxiety and depression. And now TMZ says her troubles were caused by the fact that there's trouble in the marriage . . . and it may be OVER. Clint was even photographed without his wedding ring this weekend.
CHRIS BROWN'S father is even more delusional than Chris. He doesn't think Chris and RIHANNA should be together. He'd rather see Chris with someone like JORDIN SPARKS because, quote, "She's a wholesome young lady, very pretty."
MILEY CYRUS has shown a lot of side-boob over the years. But she's never going to show us any FULL-boob. At least not on purpose. She doesn't have to lower herself to that, because she's a STAR. --She tells the British version of "Elle", quote, "A star is someone who doesn't have to take her clothes off to be sexy because you naturally have star power. Sex does sell, but you have to find a way that's not just showing your [boobs].
ASHTON KUTCHER got into a "violent" shoving match with a security guard at the Stagecoach country music festival in California over the weekend, after the guy shoved him and a female fan who had approached him. Sources say it was the guard's fault, but Ashton had to be pulled away by his friends, after which they left.
Lindsay Lohan lost an endorsement deal with Odaingerous clothing company due to her recent legal troubles. The company took back its offer when the actress was sentenced to 90 days in rehab. She pleaded no contest to charges for lying to police about driving during a car crash last June.

4/26/13 Kim K Posing Nude?

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Friday, April 26, 2013
If there's anyone who wouldn't mind posing nude and pregnant, you'd think it would be KIM KARDASHIAN. And you would be wrong. According to "In Touch" magazine, she considered it, but ultimately decided against it. A source says, quote, "It opens her up to too much scrutiny. She's been freaking out about her body. During a recent fashion shoot she burst into tears, saying she looked gross."
LA TOYA JACKSON says MICHAEL still tap-dances in his old room . . . quote, "No one's up there . . . just tap dancing. And the dog barks at his room, the window, every single night at the same time."
SNOOP DOGG says his 4/20 party did NOT get shut down last Saturday . . . because he gave one of the cops WEED. He says, quote, "The chief was like, 'You know what, slide me a couple of bleezies and I'll let y'all have your party.' So we did that."
A Swedish newspaper says that Stockholm police searched JUSTIN BIEBER'S tour bus on Wednesday night and found pot. No one was on the bus when it was searched, though, so they don't know whose it was . . . meaning it's not likely they'll charge anyone. Justin's rep says police DID search the bus, but they found NOTHING.
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