Walkers for a Cure Yard Sale at Walker Machinery, May 4th - Same day as Belle Town Community Sale

Jessica Hustead
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Springtime and spring cleaning is upon us. The “Walkers for a Cure” are holding a yard sale on May 4th from 7am until 2pm during the town of Belle’s community yard sale.
We will be selling car length spaces in the Walker Machinery Training parking lot for $10.00 a spot if you are interested in yard selling the day of the Belle Town Yard Sale.
Keep in mind spaces are limited and on a first come first serve basis.

All the proceeds we gather will go towards The American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life event on June 14, 2013 at the capitol building complex.

Several ways to support the cause this day

Get your Car Washed for a donation.

Hot Dogs & Bake Sale

Wooden Roses at $10.00 a dozen would make a great Mothers Day Gift.

The Relay for Life is fighting cancer and giving acknowledgement to survivors, caregivers, and those no longer with us. So please, if you can help in anyway come on down and see what all the fuss and fun is about. We look forward to seeing everyone and helping to do our part giving more birthdays to those that need it most.